The new Fortnite Nerf guns from Hasbro will be launched on March 22nd. Preorders start today.


Nerf brand owner Hasbro today unveiled its entire Fortn-themed Nerf product line, including the previously announced AR-L Elite blaster, inspired by SCAR in Epic Games' Battle Royale hit game.

Before today, only the AR-L Elite was confirmed when the line was announced for the first time in October. At that time, the product was shipped on June 1, 2019 and cost $ 49.99. The price remains unchanged, but Hasbro says all products will start shipping from March 22nd. Preorders now begin on the Hasbro Pulse website, although the company believes that you will also be able to order them through Amazon, Target and Walmart when the full list of products will be available in the future.

In addition to the AR-L Elite, Hasbro also sells a SP-L Elite model-inspired FortniteThe silence pistol, for $ 19.99; a TS-R Super Soaker inspired by the tactical rifle for $ 19.99; HC-E Super Soaker inspired by the game's extra powerful handgun; and a RL-based Super Soaker based on the game's RPG weapon. Some products look less like firearms, but more like fun toys, including a small portable blaster that looks much more like a cartoon called MicroShots and a blaster. lama shape, inspired by the unofficial mascot of the game.

Overall, the prices seem reasonable enough for a good Fortnitethemed gear, although The edgeSean Hollister, our resident Nerf expert, notes that the expensive AR-L Elite is a semi-automatic, not automatic, blaster. This means that for about double the price of Nerf's Modulus Stryfe semi-automatic, you only get the Fortnite logo and a slightly larger dart loader, from 10 darts instead of six. In addition, these toys seem much more … well, looking like a gun than your standard Nerf blasters, especially with respect to Fortnite model his weapons after real weapons like the FN-SCAR and IMI Desert Eagle. So this is something to be aware of before buying these items for your children or giving them as a gift.

That said, Fortnite is a relatively family affair, although it is a game in which you mainly murder aliens in a contest where the winner takes place in a desert landscape, some cultural critics have compared this metaphor to a giant metaphor from the scarcity of resources the climate and the imminent societal collapse. Nobody bleeds and there is almost no more animated violence beyond the avatar of your player who collapses and disappears at his death. So, there are definitely more violent games that could have more problematic toy ranges than Fortnite.

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