The new Gameplay trailer for 'The Ninking City & # 39; puts the spotlight on detective work


Despite the question on its release date, Frogwares continues to move forward with a new game trailer for its game based on Lovecraftian The flowing city.

The latest trailer (which is damn good, from elsewhere) shows some of the monsters from another world that you are going to face that threaten your sanity, but also focuses on the policing aspects of the game, where you will have to investigate cases gather information and generally try to make sense of the madness.

The trailer says that the game will not hold your hand during these quests, without goal markers or instructions on how to tackle the quest. The clues can be discovered in the open air or by means of his own tricks, hidden by magic.

The flowing city The release of March 21 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still planned.

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