The "new" LG G7 Fit is already on sale at a price of up to $ 170 on its list price

Despite what the name suggests, the LG G7 Fit is a (relatively) new phone … with a fairly old processor under the hood. This mixed bag was officially unveiled several months after the ThinQ G7's high-end, but even though its global rollout began last fall, we had to wait for the G8 ThinQ to be released before the G7 Fit was finally survey.

All of these deadly deals against the G7 ThinQ have seriously undermined the LG G7 Fit's attractiveness, at least at a starting price of $ 429.99. But as Best Buy, the exclusive US retailer of the phone, said from the start, discounts are now available with operator activation. These are even heavier than originally planned, with a $ 170 discount on the price quoted above.

At $ 259.99, this offers a very interesting value proposition, but to save $ 170, you must be ready to activate the Sprint G7 Fit now with a new range of services or a new account. At the time of writing this article, upgraded Sprint customers must pay $ 329.99 after a decent price cut of $ 100. AT & T and Verizon activations are eligible for a $ 130 rebate, raising the handset from $ 429.99 to $ 309.99. Keep in mind that upgrades are not available for AT & T subscribers at this price, while Verizon's markdown is valid for new lines, new accounts, and customers being upgraded.

The first batch of Best Buy LG G7 Fit contracts should certainly help the notched 6.1-incher to better compete with models such as the Sony Xperia 10 Plus or the Moto G7, which are currently available at $ 330 and $ 200 respectively with their own activation rebates. Although the G7 Fit chipset is somewhat outdated, its capabilities still exceed those of the Snapdragon 636 and 632 found in the two aforementioned rival aircraft.

The LG G7 Fit also contains 4GB of RAM, while offering an exterior as high-end as its brother ThinQ brand. Of course, the 3000 mAh battery, the unique 16 MPa rear camera and the Android 8.1 Oreo software seem a little disappointing, but there is obviously no flawless phone at $ 400. And by the way, even if you do not activate right now, you're entitled to a $ 70 rebate at Best Buy, bringing the unlock price to $ 359.99.

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