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The new man of Wendy Williams insists that it's not about this life of a gold digger …

Wendy Williams"A new man wants to make everyone understand that he does not consider her as his sugar mum, and the love he has for her is good … or something.

Marc Tomblin, the man Wendy has been dating in recent weeks, would not be "the kind of guy who would have let a woman take care of him financially," sources close to him said. Uh-huh.

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TMZ spoke to those who were supposed to be aware of Tomblin and his new relationship with the Queen of TV talk show. These sources are categorical: "The only reason he blames Wendy is because they appreciate each other's company."

Apparently, Tomblin "has not asked for a nickel from Williams" since their meeting, and he does not intend to do so in the future – though, he does not know if he would accept cash donations if they were given to him without request. In addition, Tomblin apparently told his friends that the recent New York shopping spree the couple had been doing – he and Wendy bought their own things, rather than just relying on his bank account.

Not surprisingly, Marc apparently suffered a lot from people who believe Wendy was not motivated, and he was busy blocking them on social media and excluding them from his life. I guess that's only a part of the price you pay when you go out with a public figure – and then become a public figure yourself!

As for Wendy, sources say she has always been careful not to consider Tomblin as her boyfriend. She's more interested in just saying it's not that bad and she's having a lot of fun with him. Nevertheless, she keeps it longer than expected at life in New York, so maybe there will be something in the future ??

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Wendy's show will not be broadcast until three weeks later. There is no doubt that she will take advantage of this little break and, if the recent actions announce it, it seems that Tomblin will be at his side. You know, just a non-boyfriend and a non-girlfriend spend all their time on two singles, but, uh, let's do it together. Ha!!!

What do you think of this new emerging relationship, Perezcious readers ?! Do you think Tomblin participates in the right reasons or is he a gold digger with a plan ?? Sound OFF on everything about Wendy in the comments (below) !!!


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