The new McLaren Grand Tourer makes fun of the best look that will debut in May


Announced at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, McLaren's next big tourer is once again teased. This time, he lost a lot of his mullet body lining, which gives us the best look of the Macca continent crossover. He's still wrapped in a swirling disguise, spreading the vision, though, but the automaker says he's also going to lose that and make his official debut early next month.

McLaren says the car is currently in the final test phase and has already traveled thousands of kilometers of quality control in various climates and locations. To test his abilities as a frequent flyer, the future GT, along with its two occupants and their luggage, will undertake a 1,000 km journey between Barcelona and McLaren's headquarters in Woking, England. It's a good concert, if you can get it.

The company had previously announced that its new model would be powered by a twin-turbo V8 and offer unprecedented agility in the segment. It has also been announced that it would be "the most usable mid-engined car to date" and would share its genes with the 1,035 horsepower Hybren Speedtail hypercar – the only car in McLaren's regular lineup to do so. . Curiously, the car does not fit into the existing McLaren super or ultimate sports car series, opting to be quite its own thing.

Although the official name of the frequent flyer has not yet been announced, one should not expect that it 's called the McLaren GTZ. The reader discovered a trademark deposit for the nickname last week, but McLaren then told him explicitly that he would not act on the name of the new car.

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