The new Nickelodeon slate includes the 'Spongebob' series and the 'Paddington' series for preschoolers


Here are the animated projects recently announced by Nickelodeon:

SpongeBob's big birthday + Spin-off

This summer, Nickelodeon will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show with a special hour-long show dedicated to live animation and animation titled Spongebob's big birthday. The program, which will debut on Friday, July 12, will feature key actors who will play live-action doppelganger versions of the animated characters they have brought to life over the years.

In addition, Nickelodeon has announced its intention to "develop the SpongeBob SquarePants "Universe" with spin-offs centered on the main characters. The new animation will appear in different formats such as series, specials and feature films.

The casagrandes

A fallout of The Forte House, The series will follow a multigenerational Mexican-American family welcoming Ronnie Anne, his 11-year-old brother, his brother Bobby and their mother in the city. The series, announced for the first time last spring, is expected to debut in October. Recently, the company also disclosed its agreement with Netflix to produce a Noisy house feature film to be broadcast exclusively on the platform.


Following the success of the live-action Paddington films, Studiocanal and Heyday Films will produce an animated series in cg with the British actor Ben Whishaw who will take the lead role. David Heyman, who was at the origin of both theatrical episodes so far, is also involved in the production of this new episodic iteration alongside Karen Davidsen (formerly at Disney and HIT Entertainment) and Simon Quinn (animation producer , Island of the dogs). Rosie Alison, who also worked on the Paddington franchise film, serves as executive producer, while Rob Silva is a co-producer.

Jon Foster and James Lamont (Paddington features The incredible world of Gumball) develop and write the series, while the series is directed by the London animated studio Blue Zoo, Adam Shaw. Currently in production, the series will address pre-school age children and is expected to debut on Nickelodeon in 2020. StudioCanal and Heyday are also in development. Paddington 3.

LEGO city

Created and produced by Lego Group, this new CG animated series follows the diverse community of "everyday heroes" living in Lego City as they come together to defeat a mysterious criminal who causes chaos in their city.

Santiago of the Seas

Previously known as The fanatic adventures of Capitán CalaveraThis interactive animated series will give lessons on Spanish-speaking and Latin-American culture. The story is centered on pirate Santiago Montes, 8 years old.

Blue's Clues & You!

For the first time in November, this modern version of the vintage educational series stars actor Joshua Dela Cruz of Broadway as a new host of live action movies and upgrades them. 2d After Effects digital animation of the original series with a more complete animation.

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