The new Overwatch Paris map is now available on all platforms |

The latest map of Overwatch, Paris, went online on February 19, just after images of Blizzard's posts to influencers were leaked.

Paris was released on PTR Overwatch on January 30 and spent just under three weeks in the testing world.

A photo of the ticket was shared on the Polish Overwatch website, Overwatchgame, and it revealed when the new card would be put online.

The ticket sent to the Overwatch influencers included a time and date for the new card to go online.

The tickets are for the cabaret Luna, which appears among the images of the new map, and down on the left, the date of February 19 is written in French.

The ticket also indicates 20H, ie 20 hours, Central European Time for Poland, which corresponds to the ticket Overwatchgame received, and it is exactly at this time that the new card has been put online.

Overwatch updates usually take place on Tuesday or Thursday, which was a good sign that the tickets were legitimate.

Paris will not be available in competition until March 5th, as all new Overwatch cards will only be added to the competition queue after two weeks.

Blizzard certainly does not waste time creating new content, and the Parisian patch is expected to close the Lunar New Year event.

It will also be the first time that console players will have the opportunity to try the new card, because the PTR is not available for players who are not on PC.

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