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The new pelicans plan could leave the Knicks to Ja Morant

Pelicans could still play a role in the future of the Knicks.

Following the talks between Anthony Davis and the Lakers, New Orleans is in fourth place on Thursday and is exploring all sorts of options.

According to an NBA source, New Orleans has planned to return to acquire more assets and has also had internal discussions to move to the second choice in order to win the selection of Memphis and designate RJ Barrett as Duke's partner , his companion, Zion Williamson. Barrett and Williamson are the best friends.

This catch-up maneuver, as unlikely as it may be, would allow Ja Morant of Murray State to yield to the Knicks in third place. The Knicks had Morant higher than Barrett at the Chicago Dam, but that was also before Morant was recently operated on the knee.

According to an NBA official who spoke with the Knicks, President Steve Mills is incarcerated to keep the third choice and delighted to take Morant or Barrett, the 6-foot-7 Duke swingman. While the Knicks were ready to return after the lottery for a huge offer, they are now comfortable staying on the spot.

Barrett had a solid training session with the Knicks on June 10 and began training with coach David Fizdale in their last meetings. The Knicks are impressed that he wants to be in New York because he refused to train for the Grizzlies.

"The Knicks have a good problem to have – pick 3 in a three-draft," said the NBA executive. "They just have to wait and see."

Pelicans still bathe in the glow of the Lakers hunt on six young active – including three first-round picks – in exchange for Davis.

The Post reported Monday that the Knicks had never made an official bid in New Orleans during the last round of talks, when chief executive David Griffin put Davis to rest, there are two weeks. The Knicks felt that the number of assets needed to be competitive was too severe for a player who was a free agent in 2020.

Although Davis' agent, Rich Paul, said that the Knicks were a place where he would sign again for a long time, the Knicks knew there was no guarantee. In fact, recent history shows the potential disadvantage that Kyrie Irving intends to leave Boston nine months after guaranteeing it would be re-signed.

Knicks goaltender Damyean Dotson, who underwent a major shoulder surgery last month, made an appearance Monday night at the MSG 150 and acknowledged that the Knicks would be young again next season.

Even if they sign Kevin Durant, he is absent for next season and there is no clear indication that another max star will come. Dotson ended the season as the starting goaltender, but he could be overtaken if Barrett is selected with the third choice.

"The most important thing is a young team this year – Kev [Kevin Knox]Allonzo [Trier]Mitchell [Robinson]Dotson said, according to excerpts provided by MSG Network, "Everyone will just get better this summer, work hard and focus on the little things we need to do to improve our defensive strategies, by focusing more on the Many of our games have ended up with defensive mistakes, our chemistry is just getting better, we are joining forces, getting smarter, our IQ is improving and the guys are still learning.

"And for me, the most important thing is to get healthy again, of course. Plus, I want to be a better defender, less defensive mistakes and continue to be stronger, and my shot more consistent. I could go on, but the most important thing is to get healthy again. "

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