The new Resident Evil game looks like a cooperative spin-off


Resident Evil Resistance Project

Earlier in the day, Capcom launched Project Resistance, a new title in the Resident Evil series. As could be expected, speculations were generalized almost immediately. Is this Resident Evil 8? Resident Evil 3 Remake? Something completely new? We do not have concrete answers yet, but new evidence suggests that Project Resistance is a sort of co-op or multiplayer title.

Discovered by cunning fans, small images of the forthcoming project trailer, released Sept. 9, show a group of four armed characters. These images have since been enlarged and we have included them in this article.

Project Resident Evil Evil Co-OpResident Resident Evil Teaser
Project Resistance Resident Evil Gameplay

They really shout "co-op", is not it? Project Resistance may well become the successor to Resident Evil Outbreak – a title on PS2 that, since the beginning of 2003, used the limited online features of the console.

Would you be ready for a Resi cooperative experience? Survive in the comments section below.

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