The new Solange album will be released tonight



SolangeThe new album finally arrives tonight! This is called When I come back home and he will be out at midnight (3/1). This is the illustration above and you can see the track list of 19 songs below. Preorders are here.

Solange first told New York Times it will be released in 2018. It did not come out that year, but it quickly became one of the most anticipated albums of 2019. "There is a lot of jazz in the heart," Solange said. about the new album. "But with the drums and bass electronics and hip-hop, because I want it to bang and your trunk slap."

Solange launched a new page on the BlackPlanet social network earlier this week, teasing the album, and announced the Twitter let him come officially tonight.

She plays a few festivals this year, including Coachella, Bonnaroo, and more.

Solange has also published some teaser videos, which you can watch below:

01 things that I imagined
02 S McGregor (interlude)
03 down the clique
04 way of the show
05 Can I hold the microphone (interlude)
06 Stay Flo
07 dreams
08 nothing without intention (interlude)
09 Almeda
10 times (is)
11 my skin my logo
12 We deal with the freak'n (intermission)
13 jerrod
14 Binz
15 Beltway
16 Scott release (interlude)
17 Rainfall
18 not screwed! (interlude)
I'm a witness

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