The new Sony RX0 II action camera has a retractable screen for $ 700

Sony released its robust RX0 action camera two years ago and the company announced today its successor, the RX0 II. Sony's new competitor, GoPro, stands out immediately with its 180-degree tilt screen. It could meet the wishes of vloggers and shooters who are looking for a tiny camera that can fit in a pocket, while still being able to shoot high quality vlogs.

At $ 700, it's also expensive for an action camera. But if you review the specs, the RX0 II seems worth it.

First of all, the RX0 II is resistant to the point of being almost indestructible: it is waterproof to 10 meters, dustproof and resistant to shocks and crushing. A stacked 15.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, coupled with Sony's BIONZ X image processor, is used to enhance color reproduction and maintain a frame rate of 16 frames per second for photos. It is an action camera on which you can actually rely to take quick pictures.

An action camera lives and dies through its lens and the RX0 II's wide-angle Zeiss Tessar T 24mm F4.0 lens looks solid. The minimum focus distance is 20 cm, which means you can use it to take selfies or photos on the tabletop. If you are more of a night shooter, know that the ISO range is between 80 and 1800, so you can even film vlogs in low-light scenarios. However, I will have to see for myself just how noisy these still images and videos are.

In terms of video, the RX0 II can record 4K video at 30fps, includes a microphone jack and has built-in electronic stabilization that can even be used in portable mode. Slow motion photographers will also be delighted to learn that Sony includes a recording mode at 1,000 fps with an uncompressed 4K HDMI output. The RX0 II also supports S-Log2 for more flexibility in post-processing.

If you need to use multiple RX0 II cameras at once, Sony facilitates wireless control of five of them from the Imaging Edge mobile app, up to 50 cameras with a dot d & # 39; 39; access (function planned for this summer) or more. to 100 with a camera control box. It's an expensive set of action cameras.

In terms of availability, the new Sony RX0 II will be available in April for US $ 700 or C $ 900 and will be sold at authorized retailers in North America.

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