The new spin-off "Walking Dead" in preparation, AMC leaders confirm


A new spin-off of The dead who walk AMC Networks confirmed during its quarterly results conference with Wall Street analysts.

Ed Carroll, Chief Operating Officer, explained that the spinoffs were in "active development". He declined to offer many more details, including whether this would be part of a current distribution agreement with Hulu.

"We are not at a stage where we will announce plans for creation," Carroll said. "But we hired creative people who developed stories of history. We are very satisfied with the development of this series. We are not able to talk about partnerships in terms of other territories or auxiliary windows, apart from the fact that we have a good appetite for this and that we have had several conversations with many actors in the field. "

A new TWD The series comes as the mother-ship series has experienced a series of starts such as Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan and low ratings of the series in its ninth season. In addition, as more crossings are underway with spinoffs Fear the undead, Lincoln is ready for a series of TWD movies and Black Panther Star Danai Gurira will relieve her TWD presence in the 10th season of the show.

Carroll claimed that the inevitable disappearance of the original series should not overshadow his status as series No. 1 on the cable and series No. 2 on television behind NBC. This is us.

"We know that when a show has been going on for nine years, we can expect a decline in the number of viewers, but I think we have succeeded and we have managed that well," Carroll said. . "When The dead who walk is no longer part of the chain, I think it will have more impact on revenue than on [income] In general, spending increases with the seasons and the number of viewers decreases. It's just a general pattern for any show that's been around for as long as The dead who walk at."

The company's fourth quarter results exceeded Wall Street's estimates, with adjusted earnings per share of $ 1.92, a difference of 8 cents, and sales of $ 773 million exceeding $ 15 million. USD analyst forecasts.

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