The new update 1.0.3 of Anthem is put on line, the notes of update are detailed


Anthem, the BioWare sniper, has had some problems since its launch in early February. The game crashed and a bug made Anthem's starting weapon a bit too powerful. These are just some of the problems that the game has been facing. However, BioWare is committed to improving Anthem and the developer has revealed numerous patches in its latest patch, currently available.

According to a message from Jesse Anderson, head of the EA community, Anthem's 1.0.3. update updates a number of known and unknown issues of players. The main one of them is an improvement in the stability of the platform, a problem that has made the game unplayable for many freelancers. The patch also provides audio corrections, loot modifications, and more.

The critical paths, agent missions, and other unfinished game mission timeout times are now 10 seconds. Fortresses, legendary contracts and other end-of-mission timekeepers are now 30 seconds away. The freeplay times of Freeplay, meanwhile, remained unchanged.

In addition to solving gambling problems, the new patch will correct a multitude of issues affecting the hub area, Fort Tarsis. Players should now be able to interact with NPCs without any problem. Freelancers can launch a mission from anywhere in Fort Tarsis instead of having to go to the launch bay. The vault is now inaccessible in the forge to improve performance.

The patch notes are long. Although they do not solve all the problems faced by the players, there are still a lot of them, such as potential audio crunches at Fort Tarsis, the inability to leave a fast game mission via the game. card interface, bugs that prevent other players and NPCs from interacting. and more – BioWare demonstrates its commitment to bringing Anthem up to the standards that developers are subject to. Some of these questions are supposed to be dealt with in the next way, according to the post.

Corrections and high level changes

  • The respawn restrictions have been removed – The respawn timers are now based on the player's activity. Critical paths, agent missions, and other unfinished game missions now have a re-spawn delay of 10 seconds. Fortresses, legendary contracts, and other end-of-game missions now have a 30 second respawn time. The respawn time of Freeplay remains unchanged.
  • Booty changes – Common (white) and rare (green) declines will no longer appear for level 30 players.
  • Improved stability for all platforms – this includes fixes for a number of issues that caused crashes or connection problems
  • Audio enhancements – Fixed a number of issues that could result in loss of audio

General fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a number of issues that prevented players from accessing the Forge
  • All missions must now complete correctly when all conditions are met
  • The inbox now correctly displays the information on the PC (the inbox is in the news feed)
  • Fixed a problem preventing players from interacting with Fort Tarsis NPCs.
  • The safe is no longer accessible from the Forge. This change was made to improve performance
  • Fixed a problem that caused the game to crash when entering menus during an expedition
  • The Titans will not reappear on mission after their defeat. Example: if the players eliminate 2 titans out of 3 then wipe the third, the first two will not reappear when players reappear on mission.
  • Server shutdown messages should now appear less often
  • The ability to play fast in a fortress has been added to the game.
  • The 4 mouse button is no longer related to the back button for PC gamers
  • Deadlocks that occurred while selecting certain chat options when interacting with an NPC have been fixed
  • Players should no longer be stuck at the end of the "Tomb of General Tarsis" mission
  • Players should now experience fewer problems during Quickplay missions. Additional improvements to Quickplay will be coming in future updates
  • Players should no longer get stuck behind fog lights on missions or in fortresses as often
  • Players should now receive credits for the "There Be Giants" challenge when they are shot and when the event is active.
  • Improved audio during the defeat of creatures to provide a better return
  • Change the wording of the server stop mail to better indicate that it is only the player's server, not the entire game server
  • Players can now launch an expedition from anywhere in the launch bay and to Fort Tarsis.
  • PS4 LED lights will now change depending on the javelin used
  • It should now be more difficult for players to be knocked down by some enemy compositions.
  • Values ​​on Max Flight Time Entries have been increased
  • The appearance of the N7 vinyl on the Legion of Dawn armor has been improved
  • Haluk will now face the players correctly in some dialogue scenes
  • The "Open the Cortex to Meet the Legionnaire's Challenges" message will no longer appear after completing the appropriate challenges


  • Fixed a problem that was blocking players at the entrance to the sewers of the Scar Fortress.

Creature Updates

  • Titans: We have made several balance changes to all Titans variants.
    • Reduction of overall damage mitigation from 100% to between 70% and 75% depending on the type of damage.
    • Increased exposure time of weak points.
    • Fixed a problem that prevented the effects from applying and therefore the combos.
    • Increased damage to the Titan after touching weak points.
    • The weak points of Lesser Titan have been changed to remain active.
    • Improvement of the collision in the ring and the search for projectile attacks. This should make them easier to dodge.
    • Decrease of the radius of the attack in search of projectile.
    • Reduced damage caused by self-destruct ability.
  • Frozen Scar Diggers and Scratchers can not move or attack while frozen.
  • The health of the monitor has been drastically reduced in the stronghold of the heart of rabies.
  • Obligate
    • Players will be less likely to be stunned repeatedly by heavy attacks.
    • The force applied by some creature attacks has been adjusted, which will reduce the staggering frequency of the player.

Damage and object scale changes

  • Adjustment of the damage scale of the secondary sources of damage. These now adapt to the power of the middle element This will allow these sources of damage to better adapt to the difficulties encountered by the great masters. This will increase the scaling of the following:
    • Melee damage
    • Combined damage
    • Ultimate damage
    • Status effects
    • Item Procs (for example, Proc from Thunder from Yvenia)
  • Scaling the power of the element has been modified to better reflect the actual power of the element according to its rarity. This is applied to all items retroactively. Players will see the power of their objects increase.

Bug fixes

  • The ultimate capacity bar will no longer appear full at the beginning of a mission if it is not actually full.
  • The recoil of the weapons will now stop when an exo looks directly upwards
  • Fixed a number of animation issues that could arise when the Colossus was using his shield
  • It should no longer be possible for the Interceptor to freeze by starting his ultimate
  • Interceptor aura damage now inflicts the appropriate damage type based on the active aura.
  • Players can no longer equip the abilities from one javelin to another
  • The Colossus can now use his equipment faster after being attacked by a violent enemy blow
  • The Colossus can now protect his charge against destructible objects such as explosive cartridges or harvesting knots
  • The Colossus is now recovering faster after being crushed against the walls

Item Balance Updates

  • Improvement of the basic health of Wind Wall and Bulwark Point to allow a better scaling in case of greater difficulties. The duration of these has been reduced to 20 seconds, instead of 60 seconds
  • Burst mortar damage was increased to 300 from 145 and his cooldown was reduced to 6 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Its description has also been corrected
  • Flak Cannon's damage went from 30 to 42.
  • The description of Battle Cry has been updated to explain that it also reduces the resistance of affected targets.
  • Wraith Strike's damage went from 200 to 250; it will now apply the elemental effect to targets based on the active aura.
    • Note: The text description of Wraith Strike will be updated in version 1.0.4.

Fixed Bug Item

  • Windwall should no longer block or interfere with the abilities of other players
  • Ranger's grenadier component now properly reduces the cooldown of the grenade's abilities
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons were not firing where the reticle was aimed
  • The Ice Blast ability of the Storm javelin now has the properly displayed leader icon.

Registration Bugs Correction

  • The Thruster Delay Recovery registration now correctly applies a bonus.
  • The overheating time recovery registration now correctly applies a bonus.
  • The weapon reload bonus registration now correctly applies a bonus.
    • Note: These will have textual values ​​that are not updated until the next patch (1.0.4).

Updates to the balance of masterpieces

  • Increased basic damage of the following master weapons.
    • Ralner's Blaze
    • Carnage Roulant
    • Cycle of pain
    • The baroud of honor
    • Glorious result
    • Insult and injury
    • Sentinel Vengeance
    • Balm of Gnosta
    • The surprise of Vassa
    • Soothing touch
    • Courage renewed
    • Artbitus Gambit

Bug fixes of the master element

  • Ralner's Blaze – No more rolls with incorrect entries
  • The Ablative Shield now provides the appropriate shield and armor reinforcement
  • The Devastation Badge will now generate more ultimate charge when it will be triggered
  • It should no longer be possible to stack the effect of the Gunslinger brand more than once.

In addition to the updates above, we wanted to inform you of some other known issues that the team is currently working on:

  • When loading into the game for the first time after a patch, the shields and armor on a javelin will be incorrect. The first time a player comes in and out of Freeplay or any other activity, the problem will be solved.
  • Players do not receive their level 20 game consumables. Players received item plans instead of revenue when they had reached that level previously.
  • Some players may have audio cracklings in Fort Tarsis.
  • It may happen that players can not leave a Quickplay mission via the map's user interface.
  • A number of problems may not follow correctly, such as the goals of the "Independent Legendary" challenge.
  • Some players may encounter a bug that prevents them from interacting with objects or players.
  • Visual effects on javelin thrusters do not work properly in case of a storm in the game.
  • Inactivity messages may not be able to be rejected after the return of a player.
  • Some computer viewers may encounter a number of original Origin messages, such as Origin indicating that it is offline when it is online, and that the friend list is accessible offline.
  • The UI may not display events for certain players when an event occurred nearby in Freeplay.
  • There is a bug where armor glitches can change between activities. This is both a problem of display and game.

In our review of Anthem, we said that the game had "good ideas, but it has a lot of trouble to perform," saying that "you never stir up this feeling of disappointment – to know, in the good parts of Anthem, that you inevitably come crashing down. "

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