The new WhatsApp face and contact identification lock poses a security problem



WhatsApp would apparently work to solve the problem.

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The latest feature of WhatsApp – the ability to lock the app with a face ID or a touch ID – seems to present a major security flaw.

A Reddit user discovered the problem on iOS when using the share sheet (the menu that appears when you tap the share icon in an app) to open WhatsApp. Unless you have configured your application to require a biometric connection immediately, the time interval will be reset and the face ID or Touch ID will not launch.

WhatsApp was not immediately available for comment, but Facebook-owned app representatives acknowledged the bug to Reuters and said the company was working on solving the problem.

"We are aware of the problem and a fix will be available shortly," a WhatsApp spokesman told Reuters. "In the meantime, we recommend users to set the lock option on the screen to" immediately "."

WhatsApp started Beta tests the lock is featured last month. The identity lock options were designed to protect conversations and application information in case a user's terminal was unlocked.

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