The Newark airport closes due to an emergency: the authorities


The Newark Airport was briefly closed Saturday morning after an aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at the New Jersey airport. Flights have since resumed, although not all tracks seem open.

Due to the urgency of the airport, all runways were closed after 8:30 am. Authorities advised passengers to contact their airlines for the latest news on the status of flights .

The Federal Aviation Administration said that a plane had to make an emergency landing because of a fire hazard.

An Air Transat flight reported a possible fire in the cargo area and was diverted to Newark at 8:30 am. The passengers were evacuated immediately after the flight.

The plane had left Montreal and headed for Florida.

The plane landed safely. Two minor injuries have been reported, although they have no connection with the presence of smoke.

Flights resumed even though a runway was still closed.

Here is what happened on the spot:

We will have more information as soon as they are available.

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