"The next few hours should be interesting!": Animal Adventure Park says the Giraffe should give birth to April


HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. – Animal Adventure Park officials say that all the physical and behavioral signs indicate that we are "just waiting for the big moment": the birth of Avril, the fifth calf.

According to the park's Facebook publication, veterinarians evaluated April's progress on Saturday morning.

Officials decided to add extra bedding to his booth in anticipation of the birth, taking into account all the signs that predict it.

April's behavior has recently been extremely misplaced. Witnesses reported that she was standing at one place, staring at the wall and not responding to activities that surrounded her.

The park says, "Without a doubt, we are here. It's a question of when. The night soon falling on the park, and many of our spectators, the next 12 hours should be interesting! "

April has drawn the attention of people across the country in 2017 with the birth of its fourth half, Tajiri.

Now his fans are looking forward to meeting the last member of his family.

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