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The next Google Pixel 4 smartphone spotted in public. Again!

It seems that keeping the details of unmarketed smartphones secret is no longer a priority for smartphone manufacturers. Apple's next iPhone XI, Samsung's Note 10, Huawei's Mate 30 and, of course, Google's Pixel 4 are smartphones that have not been launched yet. Yet we know a lot about these handsets; we will not miss much if we do not see the official launch event, thanks to previous leaks.

Of the four companies mentioned above, it seems that Google is the least negligent in terms of confidentiality. The company recently shared the official image of its upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones. Worse still, the smartphone has recently been spotted in Public in London, and this is happening for the second time. If you remember, a fan noticed for the first time the Pixel 4 in public in London a few days ago.

However, the image does not say whether it represents the XL model or the standard model. But if you carefully observe the shell of the smartphone, you will see that there are four cutouts, which, we all know, will be present on the Pixel 4. In addition, the huge hump of the camera is perceptible, and they all suggest that we are indeed looking at the Pixel 4 smartphone.

According to rumors, Google's Pixel 4 could come with a telephoto lens. The smartphone should be launched in October and shipments will begin in November or December.

Source: 9to5Google; via: PocketNow

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