The next morning: Motorola foldable phone plans


Here is an idea for a name: MPx.Motorola also makes a foldable phone

Dan Dery, Motorola's vice president of global product, told Engadget: "We started working on foldable applications a long time ago … and we did a lot of iterations." According to Dery, Motorola has "no plans to show up later than everyone else on the market" and, given the upcoming launch dates of the Samsung Galaxy Fold (in April) and the Mate Huawei's X (in mid-2019), it seems prudent to assume. we are considering a Motorola launch of here in the summer.

An Oscar tweet from 2018 put the actor in touch with the creator of the classic 90s, "ToeJam & Earl".Meet Macaulay Culkin, the nerd of the retro video game

Macaulay Culkin's game collection extends only to the era of the Xbox 360, but it has an edge over the most ultramodern video game fans. He played a game that has not been released yet, in a franchise that is perfectly suited to his sensibility of video game soaked in the 90s: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the throat. Being executive producer on the game, which falls on Friday, brings this kind of benefits.

True Touchpad is not fully compatible with Apple CarPlay.Test of the Acura RDX 2019

The new updated RDX infotainment technology deserves a glance, and the True Touchpad controls give muscle memory back to media control and navigation. Roberto Baldwin loved his SH-AWD system, but also said that it was an inexpensive alternative to German offers and that there were compromises to be made to obtain this value.

But you can not put a real pet in sleep mode at the touch of a button.Sony Aibo review: Get a puppy

The AI ​​brain of Aibo is able to learn from its owners and its environment in order to develop a distinct personality, learn tips and habits and to "grow" effectively over the years . Andrew Tarantola has unfortunately said that this robot, even with a price of $ 2,900, was not ready to cross the valley.

Complete with a new region and three new creatures of departure.& # 39; Pokemon Sword & # 39; and & # 39; Shield & # 39; arrive on Switch end 2019

There has been no release in the Pokemon Core series since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in 2017, and they were really just "cut off director" versions of the 3DS games from the previous year. Now Nintendo and Game Freak have unveiled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the first entries for Switch.

Watch them on the sidewalks around Memphis.FedEx will test stand-alone delivery robots this summer

The SameDay Bot, a small vehicle that can run independently along sidewalks and roadsides, will help retailers to make deliveries on the same day and last mile to their customers.

Without a human pilot, he can fly for longer periods and withstand high G forces.The Boeing autonomous fighter plane could arrive next year

Boeing has unveiled an autonomous fighter jet that is expected to take off in 2020. The aircraft is designed to fly alongside crew aircraft during fights, performing early warning tests, the intelligence gathering, surveillance and recognition.

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