The next Pokémon could take place in the UK and Scottish Twitter is delighted


The perspective of the new Pokémon The fact that the game probably takes place in the UK has amused some fans and I laugh with them.

To understand these jokes, you will first have to explain the concept of Scottish Twitter. Regional twitters have regional dialects. A Pittsburgh-based Twitter user community could say "yinz" instead of "y'all", and instead of LOL, Twitter users from France could hit MDR –death of laughter, or "death of laughter."

Scottish Twitter users tend to write their tweets phonetically, as in an Irvine Welsh novel. This leads to hilarity like this:

Illustration: Nintendo

Where is Pokémon Come in? Well, the newly announced Sword and Shield are going to be in the Galar region, which seems to be based on the UK. Some people pointed out that the Galar map gave the impression that the UK had rocked. It seems that the snow-covered region can represent Scotland in Galar.

None of this is confirmed, but some players have to imagine what the region will be like. When Black and White came out, I was so excited to see the Pokémon New York version, and spent a lot of time wondering which city was which borough. Even if the game did not always exchange the stereotypes of the New Yorkers that I expected, it was always fun to see the city where I live now from a different angle. British and Scottish Pokémon the players are now wondering what their country will look like with the Pokémon treatment, and use their own cultural stereotypes to get rid of.

Take this tweet, for example, which is a riff on a gag of Scottish Twitter:

Or this tweet, which gives the voiceless characters of the trailer an insolent dialogue:

If just reading the tweet does not do it for you, read it aloud with a Scottish accent.

Why is this shit so hysterical? There is something about niche jokes that, even if I do not understand the whole context, tickles me. The idea of ​​Game Freak is to root the culture of the UK to the point of founding their ideas. Pokémarts on Greggs makes me laugh.

Some players have even imagined what a battle against the queen might look like.

It is unlikely that Sword and Shield will play well, and we still do not know if Galar is based on the UK. I'll be happy no matter what, because it's new Pokémon and I'm hungry for it. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that whenever I confront anyone, this one will say, "You know, buddy?"

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