The next year of & # 39; Destiny 2 & # 39; starts with Black Armory on December 4th


The first major upheaval occurred on December 4 with the Forge Season, which lasts until February. The centerpiece is the Black Pass Armory, which consists of access to an enclave previously prohibited to arms manufacturers and the equipment that accompanies them. This includes a new raid, a new exotic quest and new triumphs to complete. Most others will have access to seasonal events such as The Dawning (Vacation) and Crimson Days (Valentine's Day), as well as rewards and triumphs of rank and vanity. If you have Abandonedyou can also expect a clear cup increase every three months.

After that? Bungie provides less detail, but there is still a little idea of ​​what will follow. Unsurprisingly, The Season of the Drifter (March to May) focuses on Gambit and the Wild Joker Premium Pack, including new gear, a weekly Joker Wild quest and elusive Xur seller bonuses. All players can expect more surprises from the winter and a new "spring event", without a name. The last season (which has not yet been named), from June to August, will present the final pack based on a pass, as well as another new raid and a mysterious "tailor made activity at six" players. "

Although Bungie has already provided roadmaps, it is rare that they extend that far. The company clearly wants to send a message: it corrects the mistakes of the first year Destiny 2when there were long lulls between the add-ons that left the players with little to do. You should have a constant flow of things to do in the Abandoned the time, whether new missions or simply improve your character. This is necessary to a certain extent. Activision has not hesitated to admit that Destiny 2 sales did not meet expectations and a steady stream of new content could bring in people who would otherwise have left the fold.


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