The NFL makes significant changes to instant play by making sanctions applicable to invoked and non-invasive password interferences


Following the call for blatant interference in the NFC championship match who played a significant role in the Rams' victory over the Saints, the NFL brings a significant shift to its instant rehearsal process that directly addresses the specific failure that unfairly condemned the Saints. Pass interference penalties, both offensive and defensive, will be revisable during the 2019 season.

At the league's annual meeting Tuesday, homeowners ratified a proposal that will allow coaches to challenge pass interference penalties, including those that are not recalled in the field. In addition, in the last two minutes of the half, the replay wizard may initiate revisions to the call and non-call pass interference penalties. This is a one – year rule that will be evaluated next year.

To be clear: a flag would not need to be launched for the game to be revised. Thus, according to the new rules, the mistake made in the game of the NFC title, which prevented the Saints from winning the match in regulation, would have been corrected by a replay. Plus, any Hail Marys at the end of the game can obviously be examined for pass interference purposes.

According to Saints coach Sean Payton, the competition committee voted 8-0 in favor of the change and the owners approved it by 31 votes. Twenty-four votes of the owners were necessary. According to New York Daily News & # 39; Manish Mehta, the Bengals voted against the rule.

"We felt compelled to go around the block twice to get to the right address," said Payton, according to ESPN's Dan Graziano. He added: "I think we understood well" according to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.

It's a huge win for coaches. Earlier Tuesday, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said the 32 coaches were in favor of an expanded replay, by Seifert. As reported by Seifert, the coaches met for nearly three hours on Monday to discuss instant replay changes, under the direction of Bill Belichick and Andy Reid. Payton called the discussion "the best meeting I've been in for 13 years."

The owners had to meet at 7 pm AND Tuesday, but we did not know if a vote would take place at this time or Wednesday morning. Voting until the next round of meetings in May was another option. It was not clear either whether the owners were in agreement with the coaches.

The owners seemed to have listened to the wishes of the coaches and they did so without delay.

"What we want is to make everything go smoothly," Panthers coach Ron Rivera told ESPN on Tuesday.

The most important change was made on Tuesday, but it was not the only one. the The NFL has also banned blindside blocks and passed some new rules which are of a more minor nature, in addition to the rejection of the Broncos proposal and the tabling of the Chiefs' proposal in overtime until May. The NFL also announced Tuesday night that the revision of automatic replay had been extended to "Include games and turnovers canceled by a foul, as well as extra points and two-point conversions."

All these developments are remarkable, but the NFL recorded its most important decision at the league's annual meeting, bringing a change that will dramatically alter the last two minutes of each half and the way coaches use their challenges. As a result, the Saints will, hopefully, be the last team to suffer a blatant call from missed pass interference.

"That's what I wanted to happen" Gayle Benson, owner of Saints, said, for Ian Rapoport of the NFL network. "That's why I made my statement (the non-call in the title game) will not happen again."

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