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The Nintendo Switch Lite has sealed the coffin of the 3DS

Remember the Nintendo 3DS? Enjoy it, because after the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the 3DS will be erased from all our collective memories. Okay, not really, but the Lite Switch looks great. In this week's Kotaku split screen, we're talking about playing Switch games while lying in a hammock and the awesome 3D 3D that we bought for no reason.

We start by discussing the games we play, with Jason always on Dragon Quest Builders 2 (check out his impressions) and Kirk getting the bad end in Metro Exodus. I was on vacation, so I played Switch games in the wild (Phoenix Wright and West Loathing). Then we pause for news (33:25); there was the announcement of Switch Lite, a situation in which the G2A gaming market was trying to pay journalists for positive coverage (no bite), and the Wind Waker homage discovered at Breath of nature. Finally, we enter an off-topic discussion (54:23) of pose, Strange things 3, and Veronica Mars before Kirk's musical selection of the week.

Get the MP3 here or read an excerpt below.

Jason: [The Switch Lite] is clearly designed to fill this gap left by the 3DS and the 2DS, today almost dead. So, this will definitely appeal to parents who want to buy something from their kids and do not want to spend $ 300, or to those who want a switch but can not afford $ 300 because it's a $ 200 price point . It looks stylish, has some cool color options. Kirk, what did you think of the Switch Lite?

Church: I have some questions. First of all, was there a video announcing that?

MaddyYes, there is advertising where people play by the fireside. This is a typical Nintendo advertisement where groups of very hot teenagers play Switch together in different permutations.

Church: Nice. Did they use the Switch sound effect?

Maddy: They did.

Church: It's interesting, because it will not produce this sound effect. If you get this handheld, you will not hear this captivating sound effect, because it's the sound of the Joy-Con controller that is sinking. Interestingly, they will stay with this sound even if they removed one of Switch's gimmicks.

Second question: can we call it the Lite switch? Because I like this name more than the Switch Lite. And I'm a little surprised that Nintendo did not invent that.

Jason: [laughs] It would not make sense. Can you imagine going to the target and saying to yourself, "Hey, can I have a lite switch?" "Oh, well, the electronics are at the back and the hardware is out there … "No no no, a Lite switch!

Maddy: But until now, people were going to the store to ask for a switch and be directed to the crops. It's just a huge problem all this time. Nobody knows what a Nintendo Switch or a Switch Lite would be, and they certainly would not acclimatize to this sentence if a customer asked them.

Jason: Oh, but these are BDSM stores.

Maddy: You're right, and it's up to the customer not to understand where the Nintendo switch is sold. You are so right.

I do not know what it is in the convention to put "Lite" after the end of a product name. It's really strange, because that's not how English works, but it's just something we've accepted.

Jason: It's a Nintendo thing. Nintendo started with the DS Lite, which was actually their best hardware upgrade ever, because the original DS was rather stocky, it felt a little out of order and had some hardware issues. Then, the DS Lite came out and it was perfect: this beautiful shell, very elegant, looked a bit like an iPod, it was simply inspired by Apple.

Church: Yes, I have the DS Lite. It's the first gaming system I've bought from an original Xbox, and it's been around for a long time. I have played a lot, a lot of games on this thing. I think I still have it somewhere.

Maddy: I think I exchanged mine. I needed this small amount of money to exchange it at some point in my life.

Jason: [laughs] $ 25 at GameStop.

Church: What are the other Nintendo Lite consoles? Are there any other solutions or is it only DS Lite?

Jason: Just the DS Lite. There was a Game Boy SP, but that was before they started using Lite.

Maddy: There was the Game Boy Pocket. This would have been the equivalent of the Lite. I have one.

Church: Pocket is the same idea as Switch Lite. In any case, I do not really know what I think about it. It's not for me, but it's good. I already have a switch. My main feeling is that I'm happy to have at least announced that no more powerful switch could work. Breath of nature 2 and make it better, because then I will start being tempted, and I really do not want to spend $ 250 on a new console when I already have a switch. So it's nice to say, "Oh, cool! This is not one of those that concern me. What I usually feel about this type of Nintendo sub-hardware revisions is fine with me.

Jason: Yes, the pro will be next year, I bet.

ChurchYeah. I'm sure it will happen. I'm just glad it has not happened yet.

Jason: For sure. You can suspend this purchase of equipment for the moment. In fact, I bet it combines with Breath of nature 2, the way this one was launched just before Pokémon.

Church: That's what they've done with the 2DS too.

Maddy: Are you sad that the 3DS is almost dead now? Because I'm a little sad about it. I have a nice 3DS. When Metroid II is out – the new one – I have the 3DS that Samus has on, and she looks so cool. What happened was that I had this one, exchanged my old one, played and loved this game, and that's it. It's a Metroid machine. I bought a Metroid machine with Metroid is! With Samus there. And that's all, that's all I did with it. Now, he's only been picking up dust since then.

JasonGood old Captain Metroid.

Maddy: Can she crawl, though? That's what I still do not understand. I do not know, I'm sad about it.

Church: I have the Mask of Majora 3DS, who is amazing looking.

Jason: Yeah me too. It's amazing.

Church: It was super difficult to obtain. I got it because Jason, you were so careful when they were available online, and you told me right away and I ordered it.

Maddy: I had to pre-order mine! I had to register to get it.

Church: Ditto, yes it was on Best Buy for the five minutes that it would be available. I felt really good at getting it. I think I played that Metroid remake, and I did not even finish that, because the Switch was already out at that time. I guess it came out a little before the switch, but then the switch came out, and I played Zelda and I just left the 3DS completely. I feel this feeling "Oh, I have this really cool 3DS", but I also like to play the Switch a lot better than I like to play 3DS for various reasons that make me sad.

Jason: That's the thing. Once you are used to the big screen –

Church: And the buttons, for me. Having a complete controller scheme is so much better.

JasonYeah. I agree on both points. And once you get used to it, it's hard to get back to 3DS. I know because I tried to go back to the 3DS to play a bunch of Persona Q2, and just could not get used to it. I was wondering why I was not just playing Switch games now. So yes, I will not miss the 3DS.

Maddy: I will have to buy a very pretty Metroid sticker for my switch and put it on the back and pretend that I have a special Metroid Switch.

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