The Nokia 9 PureView has many advantages: it has a unique configuration, a high-end design and a generally solid performance. The built-in fingerprint reader does not work as well as it should. Or at least, that's not the case so far. Nokia offers an update to address the poor performance of the scanner.

Juho Sarvikas, product manager at HMD, tweeted that the update is available in most regions. Users will have to re-register their fingerprints after installation.

according to TechAltar on Twitter, the update not only improves the performance of the fingerprint scanner, but also the image quality and the display setting. He notes that the photos seem exposed more naturally and that the processing of the images is faster (even if it is relatively slow). The saturation of the screen also seems to have been attenuated.

The update is probably already available wherever you are, so be on the lookout.