The North-South American tournament proposed in 2020 is rejected by CONMEBOL


Put this on the heap of things that will not happen with the NIT World Cup tournament that was launched or the 201L Soccer Bowl. CONMEBOL returned Carlos Cordeiro's note asking them to start a joint North-South American tournament and circled the no.

Andrew Das of the New York Times initially reported the story and captured the follow-up of Globo, from Brazil. CONMEBOL has apparently indicated that, since FIFA has not yet sanctioned such a tournament, it would not participate. In addition, the fact that the South American Confederation decided to coincide with the UEFA European Championships with Copa America was enough to refuse the wheelbarrow filled with money that Cordeiro had guaranteed. play in the tournament.

Although this is disappointing, do not say "why are you building me a buttercup just to let me down?" Das reports that the USSF will always attempt to organize a tournament that would be "downsized," as it does. Said, with teams from Asia and Africa may be involved.

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