The Opera web browser is reborn

Opera announced today the latest version of its web browser for Mac, Windows and Linux, named Reborn 3.

"The Web has transformed our lives," said Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President of the Opera. "We are now continuously online. But the more time we spend online, the more tools we need to control the security and privacy of our digital lives. With this major upgrade, we enter Web 3, the new Web, under the control of users. We believe that all browsers in 2019 should be compatible with the Web 3. "

Opera 60, as the official browser name, includes the following features and modifications.

Web 3 support. Described as "the Internet of the future based on a chain of blocks," Web 3 supports new types of transaction-based Web applications. "Blockchain technology has gone from simple fundraising or speculation to a technology that will shape the Internet of tomorrow," notes Kolondra.

Crypto wallet support. The new Crypto Wallet in Opera synchronizes with the Crypto Wallet in the Opera browser for Android, giving users a way to identify on Web 3 websites or sign a transaction in the blockchain. The authorization occurs via the smartphone application.

VPN improved. The Unlimited VPN Browser in Opera 60 is now faster than before and provides a secure and encrypted tunnel to protect users' data and hide their geographic location. It does not require a connection.

Updated design. Considering that the user interface of the web browser should not interfere with the content displayed by users, Opera 60 offers a new borderless design with clear and dark themes.

You can download Opera 60 on the Opera website.

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