The outbreak of hepatitis in Martin County has not started with a single patient, says the Department of Health.


MARTIN COUNTY, Florida – Health officials have released new details about an outbreak of hepatitis A in Martin County, saying it did not start with one patient.

According to the Florida Department of Health, the test results "indicate that there have been multiple introductions of the virus into the community, with no common link, which is consistent with the person-to-person spread observed in the past." Epidemics throughout the country ".

Health officials said the test results of 19 cases between April 1 and April 19 showed a close link between the circulating virus in Martin County and epidemics in 17 other states.

There have been 22 confirmed cases of hepatitis A in Martin County this year and three deaths, according to the Florida Department of Health.

"Hepatitis A cases are increasing nationwide and as the country's third largest state, and as a major tourist destination, we have to remain vigilant here in Florida," said the lieutenant-colonel. Governor Jeanette Nuñez in a statement.

The doctors said the best way to protect against hepatitis A was to get vaccinated and wash their hands after using the toilet and before handling food. the

vaccine against hepatitis A

is available in doctors' offices, emergency care centers, pharmacies and county health departments.

Health officials said the incubation time for hepatitis A was 15 to 50 days. This means that you will begin to see symptoms between 15 and 50 days after your exposure to the virus.

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