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The Overwatch team says that the player questioned about identity was an imposter after all

Earlier this week, a player who was passing by the Ellie handle – with no first name or last name – left Overwatch The competitors of the Second Wind team after being harassed and threatened by threats to their identity. Tonight, rumors have circulated that they may have been an impostor after all. Now their old team has confirmed it.

In a TwitLonger post, Second Wind's management did not clarify the player's true identity, but confirmed that Ellie was definitely not what they said.

"As of today, Blizzard contacted us about Ellie's background and informed us that they were not what they claimed to be and they discovered that the Ellie account had been used for ends that we do not support, "the team wrote. "We apologize to the community as a whole for not managing this situation better when we should have done it, and we will strive to do better."

As for why Second Wind had not approved Ellie after discovering them the OverwatchTeam management admitted that it "desperately needed to find a replacement" after losing players, that it did not notice anything that immediately aroused suspicion and that it wanted to respect the privacy of the team. Ellie. "We had no idea what was going to happen and, at the time, we underestimated how important it was to set the example as the first team to face a player for the contenders, "wrote Second Wind.

Second Wind said it made contact with Blizzard to verify Ellie's identity and, in the meantime, attempted to interview the player to prepare him for interviews, broadcasts and public duties. This failed, Ellie citing "personal reasons".

"As of today, Blizzard contacted us in the context of Ellie and informed us that they were not what they claimed to be and discovered that Ellie's account had been used for purposes that we do not support. "

"Due to our desperate desire to fill a list, we have unfortunately overlooked crucial information that should have been the subject of greater attention," said Second Wind. "We have not given enough time to communicate with the public to support our players, which has caused more questions that could have been avoided."

Before the declaration of Second Wind, the competitor Overwatch The scene was full of speculation about Ellie's true identity. Earlier in the day, a streamer named Aspen claimed that the top 500 punisher – one of his friends, linked to Ellie and even accused of being – was Ellie after all. "Ellie is not Ellie," she said during a stream. "The whole situation was to be a kind of social experience. Ellie is actually Punisher, and he told me so yesterday, so here it is.

Aspen could not explain in detail why Punisher had done it, who had provided Ellie's voice in flux, or how he had managed to do everything, but she described it all. as a "social experiment that went wrong" and finally revealed to be a woman in competitive gaming spaces. For now, Ellie's true identity is not yet fully known. Aspen, Punisher and Ellie's account have not responded to KotakuRequests for comments.

These new revelations have puzzled and infuriated the competition Overwatch Community members, who fear that all this fiasco is a further obstacle for future female players while dragging up the daunting mountain that is the sport.

"I'm seven times damn about livid levels about this Ellie situation" says Liz Richardson, editor-in-chief Overwatch sports site Overwatchscore. "The people involved aside, this" waterfall "will have lasting consequences for ANY woman /[non-binary] nobody trying to enter the competitors. They will all be subject to "lol are you real" harassment. "

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