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The Padres lose 7-5 to the Braves in the Extras

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San Diego, California

The Padres have been seeking to tie the series against the Braves in the first set of the second half of the 2019 season. Joey Lucchesi led the mound in San Diego in front of Julio Teheran in front of a sold-out crowd during the summer break. a nice night at Petco Park.

Lucchesi had a tough start to the game, with Josh Donaldson scoring one goal after two goals at the end to give the Braves a quick 2-0 lead in the first leg. After that, Lucchesi retired the next 10.

The Padres reacted immediately when Manny Machado launched his 22nd circuit of the season, his second in two games of this series. This reduced the advance by half. Each team traded scoreless innings until the end of the fifth when Francisco Mejia led the way with a solo circuit, equalizing the match.

Manuel Margot then went on a walk and then qualified in third position on a past ball and a throw error from the Atlanta Tyler Flowers receiver. Josh Naylor then hit a ball deep enough to score Margot on a sacrificial volley, giving the brothers a 3-2 lead. Margot would walk three times in the evening.

Lucchesi finished with five innings pitched, allowing two runs on three hits, two walks and four strikeouts.

Each team had a scoreless sixth round, but in the seventh inning, Ronald Acuna started a tie against Craig Stammen.

At the bottom of the seventh, Margot worked another step and Fernando Tatis Jr. was then intentionally parade, putting the runners in first and third place. Tatis then got into a vinegar that sent Margot back to her home, sliding safely to give the Padres a 4-3 lead.

In the eighth, Gerardo Reyes started the run on the mound for San Diego and immediately took the lead, which brought Andy Green to pass to Kirby Yates, a player closer to All Star, to try to get a backup of six outputs.

This did not happen as planned.

Nick Markakis stood out and, after a ground ball, Josh Donaldson came third. Austin Riley then hit a ball, which scored Donaldson and tied the match again, now 4-4.

Yates threw a scoreless ninth, sending the brothers to the bottom of the ninth still tied. They managed to get the winning point to second base, but Tatis decided to start the game in extra innings.

Luis Perdomo led Donaldson, the leader of the extra innings, who finished second on the defensive player's choice. He then scored on a mere Ozzie Albies, giving the Braves a 5-4 lead in the 10th inning. Flowers then doubled to the right, extending Atlanta's lead to 7-4.

Machado dominated the bottom of the 10th with his second circuit of the night, his fourth game in several games of the season. The Padres were able to win the victorious marble race at Mejia, who threw a ball into the corner of the right field. Markakis took a fantastic catch to save the Braves game. Margot was intentionally strolled and no other reserve having been reserved, the reliever Perdomo was forced to fight with the loaded bases and two outs. He eliminated to try to end the match and the Braves won 7-5.

Overall, the Padres marched five batters, three of whom came to score. San Diego falls two games under .500 and will try to save a match of this weekend series on Sunday.

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