The Padres outdo themselves, the Diamondbacks for another victory

For the moment, the Padres are kind enough to beat their opponent most nights and defeat more often.

"You can make mistakes and still win baseball games," said Andy Green. "I think it's the biggest thing we learn. You do not play baseball flawlessly. You play resilient baseball. It's captured who these guys have been at this point of the season. Winning in the big leagues is clearly not easy. We have already proved it. "

The home race of Franmil Reyes in the seventh inning was decisive. The Padres goalie won a 5-4 win that should not have withstood the anguish that he had.

They scored more points in the first three rounds of Saturday night's game against the Diamondbacks compared to the first three rounds of the season. And they should have scored more.

It was the second time in three nights that they gave a big lead in one inning and hit a home run the next inning that ended up being the winning point. Reyes, who also hit San Francisco on Monday a decisive game to success, followed what Manuel Margot did with his winner Thursday here.

"When the situation arises, you have to be ready for it," said Reyes. "… What I see from my teammates is that we never give up. It's us in 2019 and from now on. "

Each of the 11 Padre wins this season was won by three points or less, and Saturday was their fifth straight win, which ended in a draw at either the base or the base.

And here they are, winners of four games in a row and three games in the National League West with a record of 11-5.

If you think this is difficult to explain, try to understand how between them Robert Stock and Trey Wingenter beat three batters and hit another without allowing a run in the seventh inning.

The two right – handers, who averaged about 97 mph on their fastball, made 24 shots and only seven of them were strikes. When Stock missed the four ball on David Peralta, the Diamondbacks hitter screamed something that upset Stock. Two batters later, Wingenter hit Eduardo Escobar to charge the bases and Escobar started screaming at Wingenter.

Wingenter had relieved Stock, who had walked the two hitters he had faced, and immediately surprised Jarrod Dyson stealing the third goal. Wingenter then stepped on Christian Walker and hit Escobar before Nick Ahmed hit a fast 3-2 shot into the ground, heading for the mound. Wingenter grabbed the ball by reflex and threw the ball home. Austin Hedges headed quickly to first base to complete the double play of the inning.

Wingenter jumped from the mound shouting and hitting his hands in the air.

"Oh man," said Wingenter. "It's great, huh. … glad we came out of there with a win. That's how it happens. Sometimes you have to find a way to get outs, find a way to help your team win when you are not 100% selected. "

The wild state of the stock will have to be treated. Given the workload constraints and inexperience of their starting rotation, the Padres need their pens to remain reliable. Stock ran six batters in six innings, and Saturday was the second time in six appearances, battling several batters and not making a withdrawal.

"I think Trey will be fine," said Green. "Robert had a hard time finding the plate. It's pretty obvious.

But what Green called "ugly sleeve … as ugly as it happens in the big leagues" could be put aside for a moment at the end because Brad Wieck worked a perfect eighth and Kirby Yates earned his ninth stop by eliminating three batters to pass a double at the beginning of the round in the ninth inning.

It also saved the Padres from lamenting at the top of the second run on Saturday, in which Ian Kinsler was caught in a defeat as he tried to move from second place on the ground to Hedges base camp and return to third goal. first goal after running too aggressively towards the second goal.

It was the fourth time this week that the Padres were making major blunders on the basics.

"We do not manage the basics well," said Green. "There is no excuse. We must do things well. "

The Padres were up despite these gaffes. A two-point single by Eric Hosmer in the first set and a two-run run by Fernando Tatis Jr. in the third set gave them a 4-0 lead. Meanwhile, starting pitcher Matt Strahm was defeating the runners on the baspaths.

Strahm, who had five points in two innings and two-thirds against the Diamondbacks on April 1, on his first start of the season, made five points on Saturday.

The southpaw blocked the runners on first and third in the second and third innings, and the fact that he went back allowed four hits and took out four.

The Diamondbacks tied the match with four points in the sixth inning, all attributed to Gerardo Reyes. The rookie, who had two quick starts and a win in his league debut on Friday, allowed three hits and a second after taking Strahm's sixth-place challenge. Craig Stammen let the two points score, one on a ground ball and the other on a field single, before getting out of the inning.

Then Franmil Reyes did what Margot did on Thursday in the eighth inning after the Padres dropped a 6-1 lead. The Reyes circuit gave the Padres their ninth win, scoring the deciding point in the sixth inning or later.

The Padres won their fourth win of the five-game series this season.

The Padres were 14-30-7 in streak last season, a statistic that shows how much time remains to go in this season and how sad they were in 2018. But last year – and in so many others who preceded it – most nights would have seen an embarrassing double game in the second run become the catalyst of another defeat.

Instead, the Padres did what they did most of their young season, earning their best start in 16 games since their 13-3 in 1998.

Heck, Manny Machado was even accused of an error on Saturday.

And the world continued to spin, as it did earlier this week when the Padres came first in the Western National League, only for the first time in eight years.

The Padres, on Friday, have signed their first winning record since 2013 during a road trip of more than eight games. On Saturday, they improved to 7-2 on the trip that ends Sunday afternoon. The last time they've won seven games on a trip, it was in 2012.

"It would be nice to put a team apart," Wil Myers said. "But what shows a good team, it's a team that wins these matches in one game. At one point, it's like, "Hey, we're so good at winning these games in one heat."

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