The parents of Timothy Piazza, a student of Penn State, deceased during the promise to prosecute 28 members of the fraternity


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By Doha Madani and Associated Press

The parents of a student from Penn State University, who died while he had promised to form a fraternity in 2017, filed a lawsuit Thursday against 28 members of the organization.

Jim and Evelyn Piazza are suing the brotherhood brothers Beta Theta Pi who organized and participated in the party during which their son, Timothy Piazza, fell on the stairs at an initiation ceremony at home, announced the family's lawyer.

St. Moritz Security Services, a company hired to help enforce alcohol regulations, has also been named in the lawsuit.

Jim Piazza and Evelyn Piazza stand each other while they listen to District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller, speaking at a press conference about new evidence in the investigation into the death of their son, the Beta Theta Pi fraternity promise, Tim Piazza, on November 13, 2017, at the Annex of the Center County Court House in Bellefonte, in Pennsylvania.Phoebe Sheehan / Daily Times Center via AP

The lawsuit alleges that the brothers in the fraternity incited Timothy "to consume alcohol by endangering her husband's life and intoxicating, dropping and sustaining serious injuries and death." For more than 11 hours after his downfall, Timothy Piazza endured tremendous suffering and suffering, which was documented by closed-circuit cameras. "

Several members of the fraternity provided and encouraged Timothy to drink large quantities of vodka, beer and wine as part of the Chapter's acceptance of bids, according to the lawsuit. And when Timothy fell on the stairs during the evening and started to vomit, the members apparently did not call for medical help until more than 11 hours later.

Texts exchanged between fraternity members in the file would show young men attempting to erase evidence of the presence of alcohol in the party and what was written in their group conversations.

"Erasing the cameras could be the look as long as no one will know it," we read in the suit.

The death of Piazza gave rise to criminal proceedings against 28 members of Beta Theta Pi, often the same young men as those prosecuted on Thursday.

Almost all of these criminal charges have been resolved. Some have pleaded guilty primarily to alcohol or hazing charges, while others have participated in a diversion program designed for non-violent offenders for the first time.

The former chairman of the chapter's recruiting committee, Ryan Burke, is designated as one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

Burke was the first to plead guilty to the charges related to the death of Piazza. He said at the time of his conviction: "I am really sorry for the loss of Piazzas, I am still today to take responsibility for my actions, I hope that someday I will be able to to be forgiven ".

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