The pillar of "Morning Joe" says Trump could trigger a civil war: "I do not talk about hyperbole"


Donny Deutsch, a regular at MSNBC, Donny Deutsch, said Thursday that President Trump was able to start a civil war before warning: "I'm not talking about hyperbole."

The morning show panel was discussing comments from Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who on Wednesday worried that if the president is not re-elected, he will not be elected. will have no "peaceful transition of power".

Deutsch seemed to agree with Cohen, but pushed the prediction to an extreme level.

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"When he thought he was going to lose, he played it for a few days – it's easy to forget now," said Deutsch. this guy is able to do to create a civil war he's going [do]… I do not talk about hyperbole.

Deutsch said Cohen knew Trump "better than anyone" and invited viewers to take his comments seriously.

"I think we really have to pay attention to that," said Deutsch.

Willie Geist of MSNBC then asked, "Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump would do that, even if he lost free and fair elections … he would start talking about electoral fraud?"


Deutsch replied that he was not talking about election fraud, but something much more serious before reminding viewers that Cohen had declared that Trump would "not leave" the White House peacefully.

Alex Christy, editor-in-chief of NewsBusters, criticized the far-left morning show for the segment that had "shockingly" declared that Trump could trigger a civil war to stay in power.

"The actors of Morning Joe, MSNBC, like to see themselves as the advocates of truth and justice at a time when such ideals are supposed to be attacked by President Trump. Any presidential hyperbole is condemned as a lie, while its own hyperbole tells the truth to power, "wrote Christy. "Their irresponsibility and their hypocrisy really has no limit."

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