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The Pokémon card sells $ 60,000, then gets lost in the mail

Trading cards can sell for hundreds of dollars, making it a serious business for collectors. The rarer the map, the more it is worth it. This is the case for example of Trainer # 3, a rare Pokémon card that sold for $ 60,000 in August 2018. This same card, sold through eBay, was found missing – or lost – by mail. Nobody really knows.

Trainer # 3 has a lot of history in his box: he was only awarded 3rd place in the Pokémon Super Secret Battle contest in Japan in 1999. Polygon reports that the card has been entrusted to the eBay seller, pokemonplace , who used the Aramex International Delivery Service to send Trainer # 3 to their buyer. Pokemonplace said it sent the card, sealed in a unique holo plastic container, to Aramex via USPS, with $ 50,000 insurance. USPS, supposed to include the card, signed a contract with Aramex – but Aramax says that coach # 3 was not included in the delivery, which also included a mix of articles. At the moment, no one has any idea of ​​where it is located.

"My responsibility was to send the card to Aramex […] an intermediary company that then ships the card to the buyer, "said pokemonplace. "The tracking information I have has been with registered mail and shows tracking and a signature. Aramex claims not to have received and signed for a lot in bulk. "

An insurance claim can not be filed because Aramex has signed up for the bulk lot.

An avid and passionate collector of Pokémon cards, smpratte theorized what could have happened, but has no evidence to support his conclusion. Smpratte thinks that someone saw how much the card was sold and thought to bet on the price of the cardboard. Unfortunately, it is impossible to resell Trainer # 3 because of its originality and recognition in the world. You can read his deductive reasoning in the video below.

Was it lost? Was it stolen? There does not seem to be a definitive answer, but pokemonplace is ruining everything. "I would classify it as lost," said Pokemonplace. The seller is willing to pay US $ 1,000 to anyone with information about where the card is.

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