The Pokemon Go lawsuit may see Niantic withdraw from gyms and stop at a private property

By Shabana Arif,
Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 15:34 GMT

The developer is asked to be more proactive when receiving deletion requests from gyms and private property checkpoints.

Since its release, many players of Pokemon Go have abandoned any social label in terms of visiting sites "Poke Stops" and "Gyms" located on private properties. Residents reported property damage, intrusions and touching, and a number of affected individuals sued the developer.

Three years later, a proposed settlement (via Variety) requires Niantic to resolve resident complaints in up to 15 days, removing the in-game points of interest located on or within 40 meters of their property.

If the agreed resolution is to remove the Poke Stop or the gym, Niantic must do so within five days.

The company is required to maintain a complaint database for at least one year after submission and refrain from placing new gyms and Poke stops on or near residential properties.

Another stipulation is that for raids of 10 or more participants, a message in the game "reminding players to be courteous to others and respectful of their real environment" is required.

Niantic has also had problems in the past with regard to events and players in public spaces, such as parks.

The proposed regulation also addresses this issue, stating that the dev is to "maintain a park facility by giving them the opportunity to request that park hours be applied to IPs located in that park".

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