The president's lawyers say that Trump's recall of the Moscow agreement corresponds to Cohen's

Trump President's Memories of Talks on the Construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow Lined On Those of His Long-time Fixer Michael D. Cohen, The President's Lawyers Declared Thursday After Mr. Cohen Confessed in Court that He had pursued the project while Mr. Trump had secured the Republican nomination for the presidency.

The president was aware of the deal and had discussed it with Mr. Cohen before it was dissolved, Trump's lawyers said. Mr. Trump detailed these conversations last week in the written responses to the investigators of the Special Advocate for Investigation into the Interference of Russia in the 2016 Election, Robert S. Mueller III . Prosecutors had sought to interrogate Mr. Trump for months and had finally agreed to accept written answers to certain questions.

"The president said there was a proposal, a discussion with Cohen, a non-binding letter of intent and that it was not going beyond," said one of Mr. Trump's lawyers. , Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Cohen admitted Thursday in court that he lied to congressional investigators about the length of negotiations on the Trump Tower project in Moscow and the extent of Mr Trump's involvement. He said he had discussed the deal with Mr. Trump many times and that Mr. Cohen had continued working on a possible deal until at least June 2016, according to court documents – months later. that Mr. Cohen had informed Congress that the agreement had fallen apart.

Mr. Giuliani stated that Mr. Mueller's office did not question the President about the timing of his discussions with Mr. Cohen about the project.

The fact that Mr. Cohen was admitted to an agreement with prosecutors intervened so soon after Trump returned his answers to Mr. Mueller's questions raised concerns within the legal team of Mr. President that Mueller was throwing a trap of perjury – waiting for the president to explain his understanding of events before presenting evidence to the contrary to prove that he lied, according to relatives of the team the President.

Giuliani said the president and the Trump organization, the parent company of his family, had been talking to Mueller's investigators for months on the deal. The company, he added, voluntarily provided the investigators with documents related to the Moscow agreement.

"We have been providing them with every document since the beginning – that's the only reason they know about it," Giuliani said.

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