The problem of rumble folding according to Samsung Galaxy Fold taken on a leaked video

A Samsung Galaxy Fold – or a phone that looks like it – is in the wild before its April 26 release date shows signs of rustling, according to a recent video posted on the YouTube technology channel "phoneoftime".

Samsung is using its new plastic "Infinity Flex" display for its future Galaxy Fold smartphone, while most non-folding smartphones use glass. It is possible that the plastic starts to wrinkle after being folded and unfolded several times.

According to a Bloomberg report released in early March, Samsung is striving to solve the problem of folds of the Galaxy Fold screen, which has not yet come out. The Galaxy Fold's screen begins to show signs of creasing after being folded and unfolded about 10,000 times, according to the report.

YouTube / phoneoftime

To solve this problem, Samsung is apparently considering offering a free screen replacement program to Galaxy Fold owners.

Samsung denied not giving concrete time to the use of the Galaxy Fold during the company's unveiling ceremony due to creased display issues. The company told Bloomberg that she did not want to distract from the attention of her new Galaxy S10 smartphone.

In addition to the fold, the video shows what is described in the description by Galaxy Fold in the real world. You can check it below:

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