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The PS4 theme of Stranger Things 3 is now available for free

If you're looking for a new PlayStation 4 theme, then this new Strange things 3 theme could be for you. And not just because it's for Strange things 3but because it's 100% free. Unfortunately, it is only available in Europe, which makes no sense, but this is not the first time that something on PlayStation 4 is arbitrarily locked by region. And at the time of publication, no North American release has been announced, but it is likely that a publication will eventually occur. May be?

Whatever the case may be, the theme represents the key art of the series and is dynamic, which means that it is not static, but that it moves. That said, the dynamic aspect of the theme is quite limited. Most do not move, just the fireworks in the background, which explode repeatedly. It sounds nice, but it is not as dynamic as other themes. In addition to showing the cast under fireworks, there is the logo of the season and a Netflix logo on the left side. In addition, unlike some themes, nothing changes as you move up and down the menu.

In contrast, the iconic music of the show is broadcast in the background. However, there are no unique sounds for navigation, which is a little disappointing, especially given the power of the generic sounds of the PlayStation. There are however unique logos for the icons, so that's fine. Whatever it is, below, you can check the theme in action by yourself:

Strange things 3 is available for streaming on Netflix. If you have not done so already, check out our official report of the new season.

"Stranger Things Season Three managed to be exactly what you wanted and nothing you hoped for, with its summer configuration that passes from the confusing mysteries of Upside Down and Dr. Brenner to an explosive madness and full of activities in adulthood ", reads an excerpt from the magazine. "Despite a difficult start, the creators and performers have found the way to succeed the impossible and deliver the best season so far, while honoring their loyal fans and urging them to want more than one series known for its safety. "

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