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The publisher Call Of Duty Activision will not have stand E3 2019

Activision, The publisher of the franchise Call of Duty, which has sold several million dollars, confirmed that he would not be present on his stand at the E3 2019. The studio will still participate in meetings and events. will discuss with the press, although its presence this year is only as important as you can expect from an editor of their size.

That said, Activision has already jumped on the E3 booths and generally unveils its latest headlines at press conferences from Sony or Microsoft. However, since Sony is not attending the Los Angeles gaming competition this year, Activision does not have exactly the same platforms from which to present its future catalog.

Activision avoids the presence of stand E3 this year

S addressing GI.biz, a representative of Activision said: "Although we do not have traditional space on the show, we look forward to participating in the event. E3 as part of several activities. "Plans sneaking into a Reddit post, with Activision obviously not anywhere in sight.

Activision has not announced this year's Call of Duty game, which would be a sequel to the Modern Warfare franchise. However, the publishing giant revealed that the game would be announced by the end of June, leaving E3 a clear choice for the unveiling. Shortly after, the company confirmed that Infinity Ward, developer of Call of Duty, would be present at the E3 Coliseum this year.

Sony's decision not to attend E3 is a surprise, as the company merely presents its own Nintendo Direct-style shows in the form of State of Play. Microsoft, for its part, will be at the show and should reveal all the details of their next-generation console projects.

Despite Activision's reduced presence at this year's E3, we will not wait too long to receive information on Call of Duty 2019.

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