The RAZR is coming back? Motorola confirms its new foldable phone


What is old is new. While the foldable smart device market is heating up, Motorola confirms that it will likely give up its latest offer by this summer, a collapsible smartphone that strikingly resembles the beloved Motorola RAZR of yesteryear .

Is this the new Motorola RAZR?

 Model RAZR 2019
Source: Sarang Sheth for Yanko Design

At the time when the rocking phones meant that you were cool, the coolest of all was the slender Motorola RAZR. This era has suddenly ended with the introduction of smartphones, but Motorola may end up producing the indispensable device of the year again.

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The company confirmed its intentions during an interview with Engadget, stating that it would issue its foldable device, still unknown, "[no] later than everyone else on the market. "

"We've been working on foldable media for a long time," said Dan Dery, Motorola's vice president of worldwide products. "And we did a lot of iterations."

With the launch of the Galaxy Fold in April and the Huawei Mate X in the middle of the year, The edge reports that the device will likely be announced at Motorola's annual launch in August.

 RAZR 2019 Motorcycle License
Source: WIPO

Motorola's patent filings show that the double-hull articulated device looks directly at the old Motorola RAZR design. Engadget has also confirmed that the outside of the phone, once closed, will not have a normal sized screen, unlike other folding devices that will be launched this year.

Sarang Sheth from Yanko Design has created a series of visuals of what the new RAZR could look like from these repositories, making it perfectly suited for the foldable smart device market. With nostalgia on the bright side for many of us, Motorola 's new foldable phone may be just a device whose time has come.

Concern over the durability of foldable plastic screens

Motorola Global Product Vice President Dan Dery told Engadget that Motorola was looking for ways to reduce the number of scratches on plastic screens over time.

"We tested a plastic OLED device covered with a plastic film," he said. "The fact that you touch [the plastic display] with your nails is scratching. Life is short right away, it begins to die the day you unpack it.

Creating a smaller form factor for the phone could protect sensitive surfaces of the screen and offer other benefits. As Verge's Natt Garun points out that a thin and foldable smart device could be the smallest form factor on a smartphone required by many women.

RAZR 2019 Motorcycle
Source: Sarang Sheth for Yanko Design

If the patent applications filed for the new Motorola phone are a new foldable RAZR smartphone, there will probably be a lot of people, not just women who would like to put their phone in their pocket for a change, who would be grateful for a functioning thinner. form factor after years of phones growing each year.

Personally, if this new phone is actually a Motorola RAZR new generation, it is perhaps the only foldable smartphone that I have any interest to buy.

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