The reconstruction of the Browns is over and the work of John Dorsey becomes difficult: Doug Lesmerises


INDIANAPOLIS – John Dorsey solved the problem, and it was the easiest part.

Rendezvous in the middle of the 31st minute, choose the quarterback in the first row, use the extra first turn and the second extra turn in the 2018 project, spin some smart trades, spend money and send back the # 39; coach. He spent the last year stacking the blocks at his feet. He repaired the franchise which was obviously broken.

Now comes the difficult part. The Browns are turning and Dorsey will begin the process of doing two things at once.

Sashi Brown sacrificed two seasons in the present to plan for the future. Dorsey arrived and focused on solving the problem, with plenty of room for maneuver. Dorsey is currently combining these two approaches, entering the era of victory and planning, playoffs this season and maintaining a long-term winner.

"Every year we want to win, that's the primary goal," said Dorsey at the NFL game. "But I'm not going to waste a lot of money because I have to think about three or four years. I can not think of the immediate future, I have to think about three or four years. "

As the saying goes, Man Plans, Jimmy Haslam Laughs. Ask former Brown employees about their long-term plans.

But that's the way Dorsey has to think and what to do. He can absolutely create a sustained success here, while taking the shots at the right time to bring the Browns to their first Super Bowl. But it's so much more complex than what he's faced so far, and he's getting ready to do it his way.

The initial four-year plan from hiring Brown as GM is about to take its course. Brown was fired the second year. In his first public appearance since his dismissal, he will speak at Saturday's Sloan Sports Analytics conference, though he focuses on the discussion of the analysis and does not specifically discuss his stay in Cleveland. Meanwhile, former vice president of player staff, Andrew Berry, has just left the Browns for the Philadelphia Eagles. Paul DePodesta remains for the moment. Whatever the debate about the analysis, it's Dorsey's show, his guys, his way, his plan.

"I think for now, we have some really talented guys in this building," Dorsey said. "We work together in unison, and that's what you want, coaches and supervisors work in unison and have that level of trust. There are good relationships right now. "

At the end of his four-year period in Kansas City, any criticism of his mandate focused on two aspects: communication and the management of salary limits. But check the results. The leaders were 2-14 in the year of Dorsey's arrival, then 11-5, 9-7, 11-5, and 12-4. They have been 10-6 and 12-4 in the two years since his departure. As others have already said, the space reserved for salary caps is something that bad teams boast about.

Dorsey made reckless financial maneuvers with the leaders who forced him to get rid of some popular veterans. However, he has replaced them with wise choices. To win is to win. And his teams have won.

Between Kansas City and Cleveland, he worked on a 25-page plan that he showed to Mary Kay Cabot, titled "31 Basic Skills Used to Rebuild and Maintain Success in the NFL".

Dorsey would probably disagree with this characterization, but the reconstruction part is over. This is the beginning of the maintenance.

You can say it's the end of the rebuilding by the way everyone has made seven more wins. I do not think Brown should believe himself 7-8-1 last year. I think they were 5-3, because what's the point of counting the Hue Jackson-Tyrod Taylor Browns-Carlos Hyde-Desmond Harrison, while you're now the Freddie Kitchens-Baker Mayfield-Nick Chubb-Greg Robinson Brown in the second half of 2018?

Dorsey was not in agreement, saying Kitchens would tell us the following quote: "You are your record".

Really? Not 5-3?

"I'll stay with that," Dorsey said. He will also stick to his previous claim that he will not spend drunk in a situation of free competition. But he should at least be a little buzzed.

Dorsey held his mobile phone at his Thursday press conference and joked that he was ready to listen to the exchanges for Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham. Then, in a serious discussion of the alignment construction, he downplayed the need for a superstar acquisition and relied on old proverbs about requiring good players in every location in the world. alignment.

But I do not believe it. According to, Dorsey will not have the fifth highest cap in the league at the moment. Dorsey will not tell us when he will spend. But I think he'll do it. I think he'll reject a few more shots than he lets go.

"I do not think we're a team to do it," Dorsey said. "We have a young and talented team. Let's build a foundation here. Let's build a team of substance. But we have not finished doing things right. "

Again, do not believe it. I think the Browns are about to go, while Mayfield and Myles Garrett are young, talented and relatively inexpensive. Last year, the Rams entered the race with the acquisition of several expensive veterans. The Patriots beat them at the Super Bowl with their consistent and brilliant alignment plan. Dorsey does not have to jump like the Rams. But he can not be as patient as the Patriots.

Expect it to land in the middle, but lean to reach it. He just does not want to lower his hand.

"I think you'll know when the time is right," Dorsey said. "But for now, we are trying to plan season 19 with the future in mind."

That's it now. And then.

"We want to be competitive in the AFC North, year after year, and we will do it," said Dorsey.

The Browns will compete. They must also exceed the limits at the right time.

"We have almost completed the plan," Dorsey said. So let's see if we can stay true to our plan at the beginning of the championship year. "

Dorsey can do it. Two things at once. Follow his instincts and learn his lessons. Dark. And support him.

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