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The Red Sox lose five points in advance, but still beat the Rockies in the round

"Necessary, much needed," sighed Bogaerts.

The degree of difficulty of the victory turned out to be much greater than expected. The Red Sox have jumped on the German depart Marquez for a quick advantage of five rounds. Andrew Benintendi, Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez joined forces to open the first en route to a 2-0 lead.

The same trio again delivered back-to-back successes in the third inning, with Benintendi scoring a triple in the middle, Betts placing a RBI single on the right and Martinez crushing a slider in the pen for a brace. run to the house that put the Red Sox in front, 5-0. Martinez now has five homers in his last seven games and nine round trips in the year.

"He has lots in his zone and he does not miss them," said Alex Cora, Red Sox coach. "It's amazing what he does every night. I bet when you come here, you do not want this guy to beat you, but at the same time, you have to throw him, and when he gets his land, he will not miss it lately. "

Eduardo Rodriguez had more and more ways to sculpt the striking surface with fast balls at four and two seams, a radical change, a slider that makes left-handed disconcerting and a nasty cutter. In six innings, he had only two points on seven hits (no circuit points) and a walk in eliminating 10.

However, left-handed with 99 points and Sox still in the lead, 5-2, Cora chose to return Rodriguez to seventh. The decision quickly turned against three right-handed left-backs – Ryan McMahon on a single, Tony Wolters on a double and Charlie Blackmon after being cut off the ball by a fastball – to charge the goals.

Firefighter Matt Barnes was summoned to try to keep the lead more and more unstable 5-2. Instead, the right-hander allowed the three legacy riders to score, yielding a two-point single to Trevor Story and, after a Nolan Arenado attack, an RBI escaped batter Daniel Murphy.

Although Marcus Walden came to hit Raimel Tapia and end the heat, the Rockies collapsed for the second straight night to clear what seemed like an insurmountable deficit at the start. Barnes was accused of his third win of the year, making him one of seven pitchers to drop as many goals this season.

Meanwhile, despite his domination for most of the evening, Rodriguez was found with an unimpressive – albeit disappointing – line of five allowed points in over six innings and over nine hits.

"You look at the line and it looks ugly, but it's pitching a lot better than that," Cora said.

However, Rodriguez left without a decision, not only because of the delays allowed but also because Marquez calmed down after allowing the Martinez circuit. The right-hander at the pump removed 11 of the next 12 hitters he faced and eventually worked up to the seventh.

His recovery, in turn, left the competition in the hands of bullpens. While the Rockies mingled and equalized through the rest of the game, the Red Sox turned to the highly reliable Walden, who delivered the 2
perfect sleeves while lining four. It was his eighth of two innings at least, tied for the relief of this length in baseball this year.

His impressive arsenal – quick four and two-sided bullets in the mid-90s, a knife from the 1990s and a sharp slider – allowed the rookie to produce an average of 1.46E while keeping his opponents at an average of .140.

"His performances are excellent at this level," said Cora. "He gave us more than enough to have a chance to win."

Walden led the game to extra innings, where Heath Hembree (double, walk, two outs) and Brandon Workman (David Dahl's withdrawal) scored a scoreless 10th goal to put the Sox for their second outing of the competition, with Chavis at the door. .

"I turned around, got mugged by Mookie, hugged him. It was awesome, honestly. I'm a big hug, "said Chavis. "That's what all kids dream about, honestly."

For all the Red Sox, dreams seemed to be a little lighter at the start of the day considering a victory that offered a measure of relief.

"We have a good day off," said Cora. "Yesterday was disappointing and had the same taste today for a while. But we ended up winning and now we are enjoying the day off and [will] be ready for Friday.

Red Sox third baseman Michael Chavis (23) pulls his cap to the fans after his shot in the 10th inning. "That's what all kids dream about, honestly," he said.
Red Sox third baseman Michael Chavis (23) pulls his cap to the fans after his shot in the 10th inning. "That's what all kids dream about, honestly," he said.(Barry Chin / Globe Staff)

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