The relationship between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods is uncertain after Tristan's fraud

Kylie Jenner

Relationship with Jordyn Uncertain

Cheating scandal following Tristan

20/02/2019 01H00 PST


Kylie Jenner has huge problems to deal with the revelation, her best friend has been involved in a fraud scandal with her sister's daddy baby … and she does not know if her relationship with her best friend is worth it to be saved.

TMZ broke the story … Khloe Kardashian ended his relationship with Tristan Thompson for good after that he would have plugged in with Jordyn Woods during the weekend … talking with her at a party at home.

Sources related to the Kardashian klan told us that at first, Kylie did not believe it, but then, after some recognitions, she sank in … that her best friend might have had limit crossed. We were told that Kylie had made contact with other people present at the party and her doubts evaporated.

The question now … what happens to Kylie's relationship with Jordyn? Both have been inseparable … socialize, do business together and sometimes even live together. The reality … at the time of this post, Kylie did not know what to do.

As for the rest of the Kardashians – our sources say that none of them are surprised in the least that Tristan repeated it. We are told that the family warned Khloe to bring back Tristan after last year fraud scandal … but finally backed up because that's Khloe's life and his decision.

What they did not expect, like Kylie, is Jordyn's role. We were told that it would have been less painful if it was a random chick, like the times before.

Even if Khloe did it for good, everyone thinks that she will always maintain a civilized relationship with Tristan for True Baby's sake.

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