The report of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice is worse for Comey than that of Mueller for Trump


reDespite the refusal to prosecute James Comey, the report of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice released today has revealed overwhelming for the little reputation that remains of the former director of the FBI. His sophomore victory is kind of meaner than President Trump's after the publication of the Mueller report.

While the special attorney's investigation simply proved that Trump's only crime was stupidity, the IG's report provides irrefutable evidence that Comey, a career prosecutor, violated several conditions of his job and the policies of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The Office of the Inspector General concluded that, contrary to Comey's assertions, his memos documenting the interactions with Trump were in fact public records.

The report emphasizes its "qualification" notes as "completely inconsistent with the plain language of the laws, regulations and policies defining the Federal Archives and the terms of the FBI's Comey Employment Agreement". The report not only concluded that the "statements and actions of Comey" demonstrated the inherently governmental nature of the memos ", but also that no" member of the Comey management team "shared this view.

So, when Comey sent the fourth memo to his friend Daniel Richman, a professor at Columbia University, to broadcast the content to the New York Times with the express intention of instituting the appointment of a special board, he "violated the policy of the FBI and the requirements of his contract of employment with the FBI".

The report further describes Comey's mismanagement of memos with respect to their physical location and distribution outside the FBI, but the most damning fact concerns the details of Comey's indirect contact with the New York Times:

By disclosing the contents of Memo 4, through Richman, to
The New York Times, Comey released confidential information relating to an ongoing FBI investigation, information that he had properly refused to disclose while he was still director of the FBI during his testimony before Congress on March 20, 2017 Comey was not allowed to disclose the statements he had attributed to President Trump in memo 4, which he considered to be evidence of an alleged attempt to obstruct the Flynn investigation and which were relevant to the investigation in progress.

Comey clearly viewed the content of Memo 4 as extremely sensitive – in fact, as he stated in his testimony to the Congress on June 8, 2017, Comey and other top FBI leaders had decided not to report the statements of the President to the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General. and keep the president's statements "very close to each other", so that FBI leaders can "determine what to do in the future, as our investigation progresses". Comey placed in the public evidence relevant to the Flynn inquiry, and what he clearly saw as evidence of an attempt to obstruct justice by President Trump . Rather than continue to protect this evidence, Comey revealed it unilaterally and without authorization.

So yes, the quotation shared by Comey is technically correct. The report revealed that he had no direct contact with the press when sharing memos, a notion that no serious person was proposing. But the media have legitimately stated that Comey shared the memos with Richman for the sole purpose of transmitting its content to the public. Time was exactly right. We owe him no excuse because he was in fact a loser.

Like Trump, Comey celebrates a report that documents in detail his contempt for the law and his penchant for lies.

But unlike Trump, he actually did what was initially blamed. He disclosed federal records through a third party. Comey should thank her lucky stars that the DOJ refused to pursue. Only a fool with more hubris than the president might think that this report is a reason for celebration.

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