The republication address & # 39; outgoing penalty & # 39; accidentally activated in Apex Legends


The Apex Legends players were surprised by the April 3 release of an unannounced "start penalty", and Respawn Entertainment has now solved the problem.

What is a departure penalty?

A starting penalty is exactly what his name suggests – a penalty for players who leave games prematurely.

The premature appearance of the start is determined by the respective game in which the penalty exists, which means that some games may have a stricter position against the start than others.

Usually, these penalties take the form of a certain time that the players do not allow to resume in a match after the award of the penalty.

Respawn Entertainment

Leaving while you can still reappear in three different matches may soon subject you to a starting penalty in Apex Legends.

How does the departure penalty work in Apex Legends?

On April 3, for a short time, the starting penalty was activated in the game, despite the lack of official announcement of Respawn Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the players learned that for three games they left prematurely, they were given a five-minute penalty during which they could not queue for another match.

In the case of Apex Legends, it turned out that "leaving the matches earlier" meant leaving when teammates could always make you reappear. This meant that anyone who left after being completely eliminated but before his Banner card expires is subject to punishment.


The starting penalty was accidentally activated in Apex Legends, which surprised many players.

Respawn addresses a penalty in Apex Legends

Shortly after the start penalty has been disabled in the game, Respawn posted a message on Reddit clarify the situation and dispel the confusion that reigned around the community.

As most people suspected at the time, Respawn admitted that the departure penalty was inadvertently activated because it was not his intention or intention to put it into production with the Today's release, referring to patch v1.1 was posted earlier on April 3.

They also revealed that the start penalty was still in the testing phase and that there was no ETA for the moment it would come into play as it might not be added.

Obviously, this unexpected development was a major surprise on a day that had already been very busy for Respawn Entertainment developers.

It will certainly be helpful to keep an eye on this starting penalty, as its addition would radically change the way the game is played.

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