The Resident Evil 2 crossover event from PUBG Mobile is now online •

PUBG Mobile has just been a little zombie, thanks to its new crossover event Resident Evil 2, which is now live.

Known as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, this time-limited event takes place on PUBG's Erangel map and features a PvE version of the usual Battle Royale schemes. The games take place over three days and two nights, gathered in a 30-minute round and jostle the spirits by introducing hordes of undead Resident Evil 2 world-wide, including zombies and police officers. Lickers.

As such, competitors will have to worry about zombies and from other players while they are fighting for survival. Fortunately, the undead are relatively docile by day, allowing players to perform their usual tasks in Battle Royale with a slight interruption.

Nights are a different story, though; Significantly reduced visibility means that PvP encounters are less likely, but this is offset by the fact that zombies become enraged. Worse yet, Resident Evil 2's formidable G (Stage 1) and Tyrant have a chance to breed randomly after sundown.

Players will apparently be able to earn Leon and Claire skin sets, as well as costumes from Ada and Marvin, for the duration of the event – which, to my knowledge, has no date of announced end for the moment. And if you are intrigued enough to tour Survive Till Dawn, do not forget that PUBG Mobile is free to download on iOS and Android.

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