The rise of Huawei in the smartphone market is down


Huawei has surpassed Samsung to become the world's leading smartphone maker this year. Then the United States arrived.

"We would have become the biggest [smartphone maker by volume] in the fourth quarter of this year, "said Tuesday Shao Yang, head of strategy in Huawei, during a speech in Shanghai. "But now, we think this process may take longer."

Huawei overtook Apple to become the world's second-largest smartphone maker last year, and its dizzying growth over the last few quarters suggested that Samsung would be the first country in the early 2020s. But Shao has provided data to prove its worth. Was produced in 2019, if the US government had not put the company on the blacklist, which would have resulted in software and hardware sourcing issues.

Huawei, he says, sells 500,000 to 600,000 smartphones a day. It is unclear whether these figures represent the total before or after the blacklist. But some believe that the company's smartphone sales will fall by up to 25% this quarter. And that could continue as long as the US blacklist – a vile commercial war tactic disguised as a national security problem – will not be over.

The Huawei increase was all the more impressive as the company was virtually absent from the US smartphone market.

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