The Rivera: Combine Edition report


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The Panthers also want to continue to develop Ian Thomas after the close game ends when replacing Greg Olsen in the second half of last season. Now, coaches believe they can give clichés to both guys without sacrificing Thomas's growth.

"Look what we had my first two years with him and (Jeremy) Shockey," said Rivera. "In the future, Ian has a young man who has an extraordinary skill set, very similar to Greg's, who needs a lot of seasoning. But Greg is still a very valuable player, a veteran who can really help this football team. "

Olsen has played only 16 games in the last two seasons, but before breaking his foot in 2017, he had a nine-year run in which he missed no game. The doctors told him that the second surgery he had undergone this winter "corrects that for good". Thus, despite a report on Olsen TV offers that could divert him from football, the Panthers still have a lot in his plans.

"Greg said he wanted to play," Rivera said. "So, in the future, I am very happy with that."

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Talk to one of the many analysts recruited at Indy Camp this week and you'll hear a common chorus: this project is loaded with talent on the defensive line. This is obviously the right time for a team like the Panthers, who may need some help. But there are also a number of intriguing options on the offensive line – another point that needs to be reinforced.

"I've already had the opportunity to watch a lot of offensive linemen and some defensive linemen," said Rivera, "and I agree, part of the strength of this project will be the fronts.

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