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The Rock Shares Excerpt from the 2001 interview in honor of the winner of the MTV Generation Icon Award

Earlier this week, it was announced that Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, would receive the Icon Generation Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2019. In the honor of this news, the actor will be in attendance. is recently on Instagram to share an old interview of himself on MTV, dating back to 2001. In the video, the 29-year-old wrestler explained that the acting game had always been a "long-term goal" of his. Now, at age 47, The Rock is still quite similar, except that he has serious regrets in eyebrows.

"At least my 29-year-old goals and visions were as clean as my ridiculous eyebrows in this @MTV 2001 interview. This weekend, I'll have the privilege of being honored by MTV for the ICON GENERATION AWARD," wrote Johnson. "I shake my head as I watch this kid talk about his long-term goals in Hollywood, WWE and beyond. In 2001, there was no "Hollywood model" for a guy like me – a semi-Samoan / half-black professional wrestler of 6'5, 275 lbs with ridiculous eyebrows (Jesus Christ) with a southern accent. "

He added: "I was and I am always, a traveling contradiction that wanted to open my mind like a sponge to learn, work hard, take big risks and finally, I realized that the most powerful that I could ever be in Hollywood and the world – is myself. Whatever road you are all on, be YOU and if a blueprint for your goals does not exist – create it yourself – create your own. And for the sake of all things cool, the guys please do not tweeze your eyebrows as I did. "

Recently, Amy Doyle, general manager of MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo, talked about awarding the Johnson Award.

"Johnson is an icon in both film and television who has become one of the most beloved actors of our generation," she said. "Throughout his career, Johnson has proven to be the ultimate badass – a star of action with a flair for comedy, one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and a true father. He continues to captivate his audience around the world and we are delighted to celebrate him with the Generation Award. "

The MTV Movie & TV Awards 2019 will be organized by Shazam! star Zachary Levi, aired Monday, June 17 at 9:00 pm ET.


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