The RuPaul drag race calls the support of alumni in a well stuffed first


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Fresh out of All stars 4Double crowning, it would be easy even for the most ardent Drag Racing fan to be ready for a break. The series is more visible than ever and with two years of All stars feeding directly into Drag Racing, the risk of overwork is real. Fortunately, the 11th season is imposed immediately, reminding the audience of the specific charms of the original recipe. Drag Racing on his sister program more polite. All stars may have larger tracks, more interpersonal tragedies and baggage, and more established personalities, but Drag Racing to craft, creativity under pressure and the thrill of discovery.

The first begins with the highly anticipated return of Season 10, the phenomenon a little over, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (Miss Vaaaanjie!), Who is the first to enter the work room. Vanjie – who looks fabulous and has clearly come back prepared – hides in a corner to prepare the first extract of the episode, which has the most success, and the entries continue. The first does not waste time presenting the rest of the mass market and most of them make a good first impression, including Vanjie, who reveals Rumpelstiltskin-like at the mention of his name. This season's competitors span the gamut, from beginners to seasoned professionals. There are reenactment queens, queens of comedy, musicians, entertainers, hosts and so much more. There is even an international touch, with several queens who grew up in other countries before settling in the United States. The actors of this season come in all shapes and sizes and they seem ready and ready to go.


Once the queens have all made their entrance, RuPaul enters the work room and announces the first mini-challenge. Photographer Albert Sanchez will photograph the queens, but they will be responsible for making the filming. Do they know the composition and how to order a camera? The queen with the best shot will win. However, once the filming begins, Ru reveals the challenge, bringing out another Drag Racing alum for each queen to integrate. They must rise to the level of their partner, lest the other queen steals the attention. It's fun to see so many familiar faces and the difficulty of the task is clearly highlighted when the first queen, Scarlet Envy, tries not to follow the winner of the third season, Raja. There are interesting and very deliberate combinations, which make the producers' card look a bit lower and at the end of the mini-challenge, Silky Nutmeg Ganache is declared the winner. It's a fun and interesting challenge, but unfortunately, with 15 queens, there is not enough time to enjoy it.

The tour of the old against the biggest challenge of the first is even more successful. Each queen is associated with a trunk filled with clothes and materials from one of the previous ones. Drag Racing and candidates must use the contents of the chest to create a new look that matches their aesthetics. It's a sewing, design and branding challenge that requires queens to work quickly. Can they distil their personality and energy in a few key points and run it in a limited time? Or will they be weighed down by the limits of their trunk and present a look reminiscent of their former designated student?

She is baaaack!
Screenshot: RuPaul Drag Racing Race

As the mini-challenge winner, Silky can assign the trunks and usually does so generously. Some queens end up with bizarre associations (Mercedes and Bianca? Really? And Yvie is doing well with Alaska, but Sharon Needles was there), but in general they are prepared for success. Once again, the size of the distribution this season makes the procedure more cumbersome. There is a lot to be done with this challenge. How are the queens? How can they make an impression and assert their individuality even when they work with material, judges and the audience will connect immediately to someone else? Alas, the first is not interested in examining these issues, but in setting up Nina's nerves and sewing difficulties, the ill-judged social game of Silky and a long fight with guest judge Miley Cyrus.

Lady Gaga, who entered the room with the other queens, ran as a candidate until she was recognized and had a wonderful meeting with the queens. Christina Aguilera participated in the premiere of season 10, playing Farrah Moan's drama Christina and leaving her some time with the queens. Both were fun and thoughtful ways to incorporate their celebrity into the episode, beyond the generally minor role played by the judges. With season 11, producers feel the need to continue climbing. So they sent Miley Cyrus in drag drag and sent her with the team. The problem is that the queens are busy working and the magic of television demands that they pretend not to be crewed all the time. All images of their interaction with the crew will not make the final cut, so the queens are actively trying to ignore them. Nobody clock Miley, and finally the producers push things, putting her face to face with two of the queens while she adjusts a microphone.

Screenshot: RuPaul Drag Racing Race

Silky finally connects the points and his moment of realization is certainly very amusing. If she had a weaker reaction, the bit would have completely failed. Thanks to Miley for her game – it's hard to imagine that Gaga or Christina respond well to Silky's antics. When Miley is discovered, the tension and excitement dissipates, but the energy in the room changes as she gets up and talks with the queens. Lady Gaga and Christina interacted with actors before and after their challenges. The producers send Miley to the middle of the challenge, interrupting their preparation. Her advice to the queens is good, but the exchange becomes clumsy and rigid as the queens begin to become nervous again and feel their preparation time running out. Their conversation would have been better if it had been kept after the track or at least after their preparation. Indeed, Vanjie earns points in this viewer's book for listening, but continues to paint. She was not going home because she spent her time preparing for a meeting with a celebrity.

When it comes, the track is pretty standard overall. Some of the queens have a surprisingly refined look, given the time allotted, some feel the challenge and most of them come out well. Those at the top create striking clothes that (at least based on their look) match their aesthetics: Plastic, Brooke Lynn, A'Keria and Vanjie. Those at the bottom are struggling to create finished and interesting clothes: Soju, Nina, Kahanna and Mercedes. That leaves Ariel, Yvie, Ra'Jah, Silky, Shuga, Scarlet and Honey safe. Their appearance is well executed but uninteresting presentable, but more retreaded than refreshed. Ariel and Honey in particular appear to be in Laganja Estranja and BenDeLaCreme drag, and it's a surprise when Silky avoids the bottom, considering the editing.

Screenshot: RuPaul Drag Racing Race

The queens at the top, however, are doing really well and it's exciting to see this level of execution in the very first challenge. Vanjie in particular is working on her clothes and the looks of Plastique and A'Keria are striking. It's Brooke Lynn, however, who wins the victory with her dark blue and neon yellow catsuit. It was not easy to give this result so quickly; It is a queen who knows how to sew and make. Although Nina and Mercedes are not particularly good with their track appearance, the last two are clear. Kahanna creates only a half-glance, reusing some of her entry look for the track, and Soju's look, while interesting, is messy. If she was a more confident sewer and was able to finish the garment, she might have removed it, but what she presents is well below the level of performance of the rest of the queens.

Soju and Kahanna engage in lip synching fairly regularly, but Kahanna immediately steps forward, dancing in the bath with Hannah Montana's "Best Of Both Worlds" and leaving Soju in the dust. Maybe they were not allowed to change, and if so, please disregard the following, but Soju would not be able to properly synchronize the lips in this garment, and she should have known. The fact of not donning a different skirt and not finding another way around the limitations that his present look is disqualifying. She does her best to serve the face, but she stumbles on her skirt and probably can not keep pace with Kahanna, who fights after the fact to stay in the competition. In the end, Kahanna wins and Soju is sent packing. She was incredibly charming in this first episode and it would have been great to see her more often. Maybe in a few years, Soju will be ready to come back for a second bite to the restaurant Drag Racing Apple.

Screenshot: RuPaul Drag Racing Race

While the first has two major challenges, some fun moments and an interesting new distribution, it is not up to its potential. There are too many queens for the run, or more precisely, not enough for the number of queens. If the producers were ready to put Miley Cyrus in the honor, they should have paired queens for the mini-challenge or cut the queens back. Or maybe a big first was in order, although it ultimately depends on VH1. Having five to ten extra minutes to allow the elders to discuss their impressions of the new queens, to let the public compare the mini-challenge pictures and to let the queens and judges discuss their interpretation of the max challenge would have helped a lot. spectators. connect to the new distribution. However, with the entrances supported and no tradition of hijinks guest star up, the next episode should have a lot less on its plate. We hope that producers and queens will make the most of their extra time and that the season will start even stronger.

Observations lost

  • Favorite line of entry: Several queens make strong impression, but I have to go with Vanjie. His entry back and his pragmatic delivery were great.
  • Favorite entry look: I love Silky's entry look, and Nina is close by.
  • Miley's no Gaga, who is one of the best judges, but she does a good job and I really like her look.
  • It's hard to pick a favorite among the first without dropping Vanjie, but there are several queens that fascinate me, especially those who bring a different energy to the workroom. This episode, that is Vanjie, Yvie and the Soju unfortunately eliminated.
  • Until now, Vanjie and Silky play hard at the social game. I suspect that Vanjie has an edition of this episode. She speaks very well, but she interrupts many of the queens' entry moments and it could easily have been played as irritating as it was rude. Instead, Silky superimposes his hand, trying to do "attitude check!" One thing. The other queens encountering her third attempt with crickets are delicious. She seems to have extra nervous energy to handle. Hopefully she will find a way to channel this energy that will not arouse as many irritated remarks as the other queens.
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