The Russo brothers share the Marvel movies that you should review before Endgame

Photo: Captain America: Civil War

With the release of Avengers: End of the game On us in less than two weeks, some cool fans may want to pull themselves together or cool off with the previous 21 MCU movies. One possible method is to solicit a CMA for a 59-hour psychotic marathon, an option we have The A.V. club officially do not approve. For those do not trying to crush Hulk their brain into a smooth paste, End of Game The directors Joe and Anthony Russo have used Marvel films that they consider essential for viewing. Surprise is the ones they made.

In an interview with, the Russo brothers explained their reasoning:

"Civil war and War of Infinity undoubtedly because the events of Civil war directly affected War of Infinity, and we would say that the reason they lost against Thanos is because of Civil war. Clearly, this is about End of Game. If you want to add another, I would probably say Winter SoldierOnly to the extent that these are the four films that we directed and that they are all thematically related to each other. "

If you had any interest in seeing End of Game Although having never watched a Marvel movie, it would be reasonable to see only these three videos. The current state of affairs is probably more easily deduced via the The previous Russos MCU watching the last three movies with "Avengers " in the title. In addition, you can see two very good Marvel movies and another very good one.

Above all, we recommend you do not worry too much. Even among those who have seen all the previous Marvel movies, some of the casual fan experience will inevitably involve trying to remember, for example, who is the character of Martin Freeman. Watching only three of the 21 films will probably not help you analyze the contract with Benicio Del Toro, but it will give you a general idea of ​​who is fighting who and why. Those looking for next steps after Russo's recommendations would probably be interested in learning more. Captain Marvelbecause he's still in theaters and she seems to be in trailers for End of Game a lot. You probably do not need to watch Thor: The World of Darkness or Ed Norton as The incredible Hulk, but you should still read our recent essays about them.

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