The saga of The Veon Bell is coming to an end while RB agrees to sign a four-year contract with Jets


By doing exactly what everyone expected, The Veon Bell annoys everyone. At midnight, he released an album on Spotify, which contained no clues (and it was not very good), then he signed with the Jets, according to Jason La Canfora, insider of CBS Sports NFL.

Since then, Bell has also confirmed the agreement.

The news was first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN, who also reported the details of the contract: four years, $ 52.5 million with $ 35 million guaranteed and the opportunity to increase up to $ 61 million with incentives.

It's hard not to see this deal and think immediately that Bell made a mistake by not signing any of the agreements that the Steelers have passed before he thought about skipping an entire season.

Bell was absent in 2018 after the Steelers franchise marked him for the second time, thinking that he would hit a free goal and earn a lot of money, including catching up on the $ 14 million that he had lost by not playing on the label last year. Instead of, as noted La Canforahis market was soft while everyone was out.

In the end, it was a team – the Jets – with the Ravens and the Raiders who never really materialized as contenders. It will now earn less per year ($ 13.125 million) than it was planned to do under the franchise label last year and it is well below the offers that the Steelers have previously presented.

Back in September Canfora reported that Bell lost $ 48 million in the first three years of a Steelers bid. He does not get that from the Jets – just look at the guaranteed number involved here.

From the pure football point of view, it's a good fit, but it remains to be seen how Bell stands out from the Steelers' security bubble with Ben Roethlisberger, a fantastic offensive lineup and many other contenders (Antonio Brown, etc. .) to defend. to enter.

For the Jets, it's a nice win. They have added a real offensive playmaker to their young quarterback, Sam Darnold, and Bell's ability to be a few-meter pass weapon should not be underestimated when it will to determine his place in the offensive of Adam Gase. Combine it with Jamison Crowder and the Jets had a nice, but expensive, bend in free agencies when it was offensive acquisitions.

One thing worth noting here at Bell: he never negotiated a contract with the Steelers and left him or refused to play. He was forced to play a year under the label "franchise" because of a collective agreement agreement. The Steelers then tried to force him to play another year under the label. Their offer may have allowed them to evade the transaction more easily than the Jets can.

We could see Bell play for two years in New York and demand a new contract. We could also see that Bell has two good years and ends up being cut off to remind us that paying guys in free agencies does not always work.

But the Jets, like the Browns before them, are going well. They should be applauded for playing chicken with Bell and his agent, getting a good price for a very talented player and finally putting their team in a position to succeed the second year of Sam Darnold.

Grabbing Bell gives the Jets the opportunity to focus on the draft (we think they're done with free will, at least in terms of big rookies?) Where they can use their high choice to acquire a stud in defense to pair the linebackers and the secondary players they have recruited. Theoretically, they've added enough talent to be able to work in Gase's system, but the offensive line is still a concern, and they'd better try to upgrade various positions if they want to protect Darnold and block for Bell.

The presence of Edge should also be taken into account, with Anthony Barr withdrawing his contract (Barr did not play as a running back with the Vikings, but was going to be one with the Jets). Nick Bosa and Josh Allen both play for New York.

Regarding free agencies, expect Tevin Coleman to be the next alternate to sign. He and Bell share an agent, so he has seen what the market will support and he can now try to get a deal. Mark Ingram and the Ravens are also to watch. The old Saints would be back in talks with Baltimore. Since the Ravens were theoretically one of Bell's suitors, it makes sense that they end up stealing Ingram (much more economical backup option.

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